Students discuss artist Beyonce and the topic of race

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter

There has been a lot of news surrounding Beyonce and race in the past few months. From her Super Bowl performance, to her newest album “Lemonade,” her actions and music videos have created buzz among people, including editor of the U.S. mail online, Piers Morgan.

The comments Morgan made were very controversial, saying Beyonce made a song about “Black Lives Matter” just months after her Super Bowl halftime show featuring performers dressed in uniforms resembling those of the Black Panther Party. Morgan also pointed out there was a music video for her song “Lemonade” flashing back to Hurricane Katrina with protesters facing off cops, and a wall reading “Stop Killing Us.” Morgan said the album essentially resembles Beyonce’s thoughts on the black race instead of her actual music.

Beyonce is such a role model to so many people that she should make comments about what she believes in. There is really no harm in what Beyonce is doing. If she wants to be a voice and speak politically about what she feels, so be it. She is using her right of the First Amendment and preaching in what she believes in.

Royale Jamison, freshman business major, had similar thoughts. He said it is Beyonce’s right to say what she wants, when she wants. Jamison added that Beyonce can exercise her opinions about any matter that is relevant because it is our right in America.

“Isn’t freedom of speech the freedom we all have?” said Jamison. “I see no harm in what she’s doing. People just want to make a big deal out of nothing.”

Jamison said Beyonce is a music artist; and if she wants to express her feelings, she should have the right to do that without being criticized.

“Her main goal is to sell records,” said Jamison. “But she’s human; she has a voice too.”

Michelle Szymaszek, senior double major in education and English, said the world we live in today is very sensitive. She said if Beyonce wants to voice out her opinion, she can express herself and her community in any way she wants. She said Beyonce talking about the black community is good because it shows her consideration and what she stands for.

“She has a right to do what she wants,” said Szymaszek. “It’s not offending anyone; I think everyone is just overreacting.”

Szymaszek said people’s freedom stops when we inhibit freedom from others. Because of this, she said everyone has to say what they believe in and make their voices heard. She added Beyonce is a huge role model to everyone.

“To have an artist of her caliber saying things like this just makes her an even bigger idol,” said Szymaszek.

Andrew Wynne, art education graduate at SCSU, said when it comes to Beyonce, she can almost do no wrong. He said he is neutral on the topic but wants to know why Beyonce just started to make these comments.

“It’s her First Amendment right to say what she wants,” said Wynne. “It’s my First Amendment right to say if I agree or disagree. I’m a fan of Beyonce. I just want to know why she hasn’t made comments in the past.”

Wynne said Beyonce talking about politics is good because everyone knows what she believes in. He added that Beyonce is has not done anything worth being upset over.

“Beyonce is just talking politics and I see no harm in it,” said Wynne. “Beyonce is a role model to a lot of people. Let her do what she wants.”

One comment

  • For the record, my tone towards Beyoncé was more cynical than what is portrayed in the article. I am not a Beyoncé fan. Never have been, never will be. My stance was that Beyoncé is using the whole movement and political tension to sell herself. She’s a good business woman, moralist is up for debate however.

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