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Protestors disrupt Governor Lamont at meeting on campus

Jay’Mi Vazquez- Managing Editor

While winter vacation continued for most students, the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Regional Legislative Breakfast was held in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom and disrupted by a pro-Palestine protest.  

On Jan. 10, A group of 10 protestors chanted when Governor Ned Lamont took the podium to address the audience of 250 guests.  

Director of Integrated Communications and Marketing Patrick Dilger said Lamont’s speech topic was Connecticut’s economic outlook on challenges and opportunities for the Greater New Haven business community. 

However, when the protestors disrupted Lamont, University Police escorted them out in about five minutes. 

“The disruption was unnerving to some attendees. While Southern upholds the right to freedom of expression, we do not condone this type of disruptive activity,” Interim President Dwayne Smith said. 

Dilger confirmed that none of the protestors were charged with anything. 

“While this protest was vocal, it was peaceful – no one’s safety was threatened,” Dilger said.  

To ensure student and faculty safety, University Police and Student Affairs staff have a presence at public events to respond to any disturbances. 

“This will certainly not be the last such protest and disruption on college campuses,” Smith said. “We will continue to evaluate and improve our security measures.” 

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