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Stir fry station ‘Peking Plate’ opens in student center

Solé Scott- Features Editor

Along with a new year and semester, students now have a new place to get food on campus. 

When students enter the Adanti Student Center food court, they will be met with a new food station called “Peking Plate.” 

Nursing major Kendrick Lagamoa, a freshman, is a student worker at the food court in the Adanti Student Center who has worked at every station. 

“I have worked at the new food station,” Lagamoa said. “I actually have had it and think it is good.” 

The station offers Asian cuisine that includes fresh precut vegetables such as carrots and cabbage. Students have the choice of picking between three proteins over noodles or rice and three sauces drizzled over the meal. 

‘Peking Plate’ on its opening day in the Adanti Student Center on Monday, Jan. 22. Photo: Jay’Mi Vazquez

“Pretty simple: you just pick your vegetables and then your protein, base and sauce,” Lagamoa said. 

Senior Director of Conferences, Events and Student Affairs Auxiliaries Robert Demezzo helped bring this idea to fruition. 

“About a year ago, I attended the Board of Student Engagement. We were talking about food, what they liked, what they did not like,” Demezzo said.  

Psychology major Leticia Asante, a freshman, has tried the food at Peking Plate.  

“I ordered pepper, carrots, rice, spring onions, chicken with sweet and sour sauce, which was so-so,” Asante said. 

Students who have a full meal plan can use their two away meal swipes at “Peking Plate.” 

If anyone is wondering where the Kiwibots are, do not be alarmed. They are still on campus; however, they have moved to Connecticut Hall, which will be their home base. 

“There was a station called Bowlful, but it was not very popular with students, so it got closed. Then we were using it for Kiwibot deliveries, and that actually seemed like a waste of space,” Demezzo said. 

“Peking Plate” had their grand opening on Monday, Jan. 22 in the Adanti Student Center at 11:30 a.m. with samplings of food and giveaways. 

“I want to give SGA the credit for the idea, and it’s actually a really good one. Personally, it’s actually good food,” Demezzo said. 

“Peking Plate” is similar to the hibachi grill at Connecticut Hall, just with a wider variety of food. 

“I wish they had fried egg, and it would taste good,” Asante said. 

The new addition comes as the university is trying to minimize expenses for the betterment of students. 

“I do not know the final cost of it, but we had written a proposal to Sodexo to help us fund that,” Demezzo said. “We actually did receive all the funding from Sodexo.” 

The university is making food changes as more students offer suggestions for their wants and needs. 

“We are talking to our Sodexo partners about doing different promotions and different things here,” Demezzo said. “Last year, we actually moved to a better hamburger. We were like: we need a thicker hamburger!” 

Check out “Peking Plate” in the Adanti Student Center food court which is open Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. through 10 p.m. and 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. on Friday. 

“Connecticut Hall has more variety, Student Center has the same menu every day, so by adding this, it just adds even more options,” Demezzo said. 

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