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Rob Demezzo gets a new position

Jaylen Carr – Sports Editor After spending over 20 years as part of the universities Residence Life, Rob Demezzo is now the Senior Director of Conferences, Events and Student Affairs Auxiliaries.    “I have done housing for a long time, and I thought maybe it would be fun for housing to have a new director to bring new ideas because I

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Food Pantry reopens

Jaylen Carr– Sports Editor The universities food pantry now has multiple departments donating food items to the pantry because of the high student demand.   Michael Lawton, a graduate intern, said, “we have 19 departments participating in total, and the donations have allowed the pantry to have a steady influx of items.”  Lawton said the departments consist of academic departments like

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President Joe is leaving the university

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief Sarah Shelton – Photo Editor Jaylen Carr – Sports Editor President Joe Bertolino is leaving the university after being here for seven years. He is going back to where he grew up and where his husband and father currently reside, New Jersey. He will be the new President for Stockton University.   Bertolino said he is looking

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‘Know your Rights’ panel and march

Ali Fernand – Features Editor Police brutality once again became a topic important for students to learn about on campus. Student leaders of the Student Government Association and the Black Student Union organized an opportunity for students to learn what to do when they encounter law enforcement.  “As student leaders, a lot of change comes from college campuses, it’s important

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AI is not going away

Jaylen Carr – Sports Editor The university’s Faculty Senate meeting on Feb. 22 discussed a hot-button topic among students and faculty, the use of artificial intelligence in academics. Senate members concluded that it would be decided by the professor if its academic misconduct.   According to the Faculty Senate Resolution document discussing the issue of AI use by students says, “the

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