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Earthlings screening exposes injustice in animal cruelty

August Pelliccio – General Assignment Reporter For the purposes of clothing, food, entertainment and research, humans cause immeasurable amounts of suffering to animals of all kinds. It may be hard to imagine the kind of torment that animals are put through before being slaughtered for human purposes, but the film “Earthlings” explicitly highlights exactly that torment. Southern’s Humane Society, led

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President Bertolino calls Social Justice Month a success

Josh LaBella – News Reporter Southern Connecticut State University President Joe Bertolino said Social Justice Month went very well and, hopefully, was the start of larger conversations moving forward. “I was particularly pleased with the variety of programs and the work of the president’s commission on social justice,” said Bertolino. “I think I was really pleased with how students reacted

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Southern student elected to office

Josh LaBella – News Writer Another Southern Connecticut State University student has been elected to public office. Tyrell Brown was elected to the planning and zoning commission in Middletown. Brown, a junior business administration major, said growing up he’d always had an interest in politics. He said his first election was for senior class president at Middletown High School, which

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Frank Harris’ “Black Lives Don’t Matter” Social Justice Month Event

August Pelliccio – General Assignment Reporter In the heat of the slave trade, Africans were not brought to America for liberty and justice, but for torment and terror. Attitudes from those times are still present today. Professor Frank Harris III, the man behind these words, sparked conversation amongst students during Southern’s social justice event, Black Lives DON’T Matter. The event

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Largest Google conference in CT held at Southern

August Pelliccio – General Assignment Reporter DevFest is a program Google runs annually, and this year’s presentation at Southern was the largest conference in the state. Senior computer science student and coordinator of this event, Michael Solati, said that Google Developer Groups (GDG) is a platform for developers to share resources. GDG runs DevFest, a season of conferences hosted across

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World War 1 Forum Remembers Troops

Josh LaBella – News Writer Parked outside the John Lyman center was a World War I era American military ambulance. Inside, experts had come together to give talks on the war, Connecticut’s involvement and its fallout – 100 years since the U.S. entered it. The first speaker, Christine Pittsley, project manager for the Connecticut State Library’s “Remembering World War One:

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