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University hosts third annual ‘Connecting Students and Professionals of Color’

Brandon Cortés- News Writer

The university recently hosted their third annual “Connecting Students and Professionals of Color” event. The event, aimed at fostering diversity and collaboration in STEM fields, brought together students and industry professionals for a day of networking and discussion. 

Attendees from various academic and professional backgrounds converged at the Adanti Student Center Ballroom to participate in workshops, panel discussions and presentations centered around promoting diversity and inclusivity in the bioscience industry. The event served as a platform for attendees to engage with each other, share experiences and explore opportunities for career advancement. 

Panel discussions highlighted professionals of color that provided insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by underrepresented groups in STEM fields. Attendees had the chance to learn from successful professional experiences and gain valuable insights into navigating their careers. 

Interactive workshops focused on emerging technologies and skill development, offering attendees practical experience and knowledge relevant to their fields of interest. Companies and organizations in the STEM sector also participated in the event, highlighting internship opportunities and engaging with students interested in pursuing careers in STEM. 

Chaka Felder-McEntire, the executive director for Higher Heights. emphasized the importance of events like these for promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM.  

“By bringing together students and professionals from underrepresented backgrounds, we are creating a supportive community that empowers individuals to succeed in STEM fields,” Felder-McEntire said. 

The event, which has become a cornerstone of the university’s commitment to inclusivity and excellence, drew participants from various academic disciplines and professional backgrounds. Attendees hailed from diverse communities, united by a common passion for advancing STEM and promoting diversity in the field. 

The event also provided a platform for companies and organizations to highlight their commitment to diversity and recruit top talent from the pool of aspiring students. Representatives from leading companies in the STEM sector engaged with attendees, offering insights into mentorship programs and career advancement prospects.  

As the event wrapped, participants left with new knowledge, invaluable connections and a renewed sense of purpose in their pursuit of excellence in STEM. The third annual “Connecting Students and Professionals of Color” event proved to be yet another milestone in the journey towards a more diverse, equitable and vibrant STEM ecosystem. 

The third annual “Connecting Students and Professionals of Color” event underscored the university’s commitment to promoting diversity and excellence in STEM fields.  

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