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Students find it difficult to maintain privacy on social media

Sherly Montes – Arts and Entertainment Editor Being on social media these days is a risk in itself and maintaining privacy on one social media platform—let alone various social social media platforms—is not an easy task, said Helen Homa, a senior recreational therapy major. “Just with all the advancements of technology,” said Homa, “it’s scary in a sense, that everyone,

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Art crawl opens as precursor to main event

Josh LaBella – General Assignment Reporter Earl Hall started its yearly art crawl on Wednesday, March 29 to showcase the beautiful work that gets made by Southern artists, said art Professor Mia Brownell.  “We have such fabulous undergraduate creative activity in Earl Hall,” said Brownell, “and we want the Southern community to come see our art.” Brownell said the main

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‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ sweeps away audience

Melissa Nunez – Opinions and Features Editor In the thematic murder mystery that is “Thirteen Reasons Why,” the series plays off clues left behind by the deceased herself, Hannah Baker, played by Katherine Langford, and will have audiences thirsting for more with every coming episode. In this Netflix original, viewers follow high schooler Clay Jensen in uncovering the mystery behind

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Students rave about video game releases

Josh LaBella – General Assignment Reporter Students at Southern Connecticut State University said they play a lot of video games. “‘Overwatch’ all day, every day,” said Arielle Hurdle, a senior communications major. “It’s all I do.” Hurdle said she liked the multiplayer shooter for its active community and multi-platform player base.  She also said she had been playing “The Legend

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Jewelry major expresses interest in all art forms

Josh LaBella – General Assignment Reporter Nick Graham said he has a lot of interests. Throughout his life he said he has done oil painting, cooking, fashion, face painting, photography and jewelry making. A transferring sophomore, Graham said he came to Southern Connecticut State University because he felt the art program had better teachers and better courses. He said decided

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Snowstorm changes students’ spring break plans

Courtney Luciana – Special to the Southern News Most students view spring break as an ideal time to go on vacation, particularly somewhere tropical, but this past week’s snowstorm only made break even more relaxing, said Domi Migilarese. The painting major and psych major spent her final spring break at SCSU applying to grad schools. “I finally had the time to finish applying

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