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Shameless Series finale review

Adela Nikocevic – Contributor “Shameless:US” is a Showtime original that aired in 2011, which has sadly come to an end after 11 seasons last night. Shameless is known as a comedy show because it puts reality into a TV show where viewers can relax and laugh as they watch a series bring to life and brighten up the current situation of America. Shameless was directed by John Wells for

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Active Minds PAINTING event outdoors

Caitlin O’Halloran – Reporter The Active Minds group hosted an event on the Academic Quad where students could go and participate in painting outdoors.  “I just thought we would put together an event, it’s a very nice day, just for stress management and get everyone outside,” said vice president of the club and social work major Maria Bernabucci, a sophomore.   The Active Minds group

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RHA Hosts Hump Week events

Madeline S. Scharf – Reporter The Office of Residence Life hosted a DIY Pillow Making event on Sunday, March 28. The program was marketed as a fun and informative project for students on campus.   This program was hosted under Residence Life’s overarching Sunday event called Strengthening Sundays. Reaunna Bartell, a graduate intern from Central, helped administrate the event. “The Strengthening Sundays were created for health,

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LGBTQ club is safe space for students

Caitlin O’Halloran – Reporter LGBTQI+ Prism works as a safe and supportive environment for students to meet, discuss issues regarding the community and educate. “Pretty much LGBTQIA+ Prism, I usually say, is a social organization on campus that provides a welcoming and open environment for students who identify as being part of the community which also includes allies, which I

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