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Lil Nas X delivers his first album: Montero

Sofia Rositani – News Editor On Sept. 17, 2021, Lil Nas X, legal name Montero Hill, delivered his first album. The album is titled “Montero.” He posted a video of him birthing his first album during a livestream to countdown the hours until his album was delivered. The album comes five months after his song titled “Montero” came out. The

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Olivia Rodrigo is “brutal” in new music video

Sarah Shelton – Features Editor Olivia Rodrigo has quickly risen from being a Disney channel star to a very well-known pop artist.  Rodrigo recently dropped her music video for her first track on her well known album,“SOUR”, and it’s a lot.  “Brutal” is the title of the first track on her album, and it’s one that’s the most “Rock-sounding” on the album, and now

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‘Nurture’ Porter Robinson’s first album since 2012

Donovan Wilson – Reporter For his first album since 2012, Porter Robinson opens up his exploratory and inventive journey with “Lifelike,” an overture of whirring electronics and smooth symphonics that translate smoothly into the meat of the record. “I cherished the flowers beneath my feet but then something must have changed in me,” belts out Porter on “Look at the

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Art Students On Campus Will Have their Final Projects on Display In Buley Library

Donovan Wilson – Reporter It is tradition that senior art students at Southern have their final projects on display in the Buley library art gallery. This year will be much the same.  “It is really fantastic that we have an entire gallery to use as our laboratory,” said Jeffery Slomba, sculpture professor.  Slomba is currently teaching ART493, the capstone course for studio art majors. The course

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