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Art department transitions fully back online

Bernadotte Sufka – Features & Opinions Editor Students finally return home for the end of the semester and finals. The university has required that courses continue through an online platform. The same goes for the Art Department’s studio sections which include drawing, ceramics, and printmaking.   “It’s pretty simple this time compared to our full-on transition from last semester, where people had to redefine their second half of the curriculum on a dime during spring break. That was really challenging,” said Art Department Chair Terrence Lavin.  

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Are Horoscopes for you? Delve into the astrological part of your birth

Ellis McGinley – Copy Editor Horoscopes: a long-lived tradition, often printed in newspapers and shared on cheesy romance websites. Ask anyone what their sign is, and they’ll likely be able to tell you which of the twelve Greek zodiacs they were born under.  With apps like Co-Star and Pattern, which are dedicated to helping users analyze their ‘birth chart’ (a

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Lil Boat 3.5 melds Lil Yachty’s older happier sound and newer darker sounds for a bittersweet medium

Donovan Wilson – Reporter Lil Yachty burst onto the scene with his first album, Lil Boat, a collection of sunshine tinged tunes about how good the life of a teenager is. Lil Boat 3 which arrived earlier this year collided into a much darker version of Yachty that is more downbeat and raps about the horrors of fame. Here, on the 8

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Sweat unites the theatre with its campus with relevant racial themes

Donovan Wilson – Reporter Near the end of every semester, the campus theatre department holds a musical but with that being more difficult during COVID-19, a drama by the name of “Sweat” was put on instead.   “Sweat” is a modern telling of how the lives of a white supremacist can affect the lives of black people. This play happened on

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Veteran’s Day annual CELEBRATION goes virtual

Jessica Guerrucci – Editor-in-Chief The 45th Veteran’s Day program was held virtually, paying tribute to student veterans through a video featuring President Joe Bertolino, Jack Mordente coordinator for veterans and military affairs and student veteran graduates. “A veteran is someone who at one point wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America – for an amount up

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