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ProCon holds Super Smash Bros tournament

Lexi White- General Reporter

Students were so excited to participate in the Programs Council’s smashing event. 

The Programs Council, also known as ProCon, held a Super Smash Bros Tournament on Monday, April 1, in the E-Sports Lounge in the Adanti Student Center. 

The Nighttime ProCon Committee thought it would be a nice idea to have the gamers on campus have a friendly competition to see who the best is at the enticing game.  

The E-Sports Louge provided their gaming consoles to the participants which saved a lot of time and money for ProCon. 

Photo: Lexi White

“If we were not able to have the E-Sports Lounge help at our aid, we would have had to buy the TV and the switches,” Biology major Craig Huydic, a sophomore who is a member of ProCon, said. “By collaborating with other people, we are able to save money to buy bigger things as prizes.” 

Due to the efforts of the E-Sports Lounge, ProCon was able to award the winner of the tournament with a brand-new Nintendo Switch!  

“We usually do a Mario Kart event. That is a bit easier, but for this one we figured we would do things a little differently,” Huydic said. “This one requires a bit more skill and concentration that gives those who are advanced time in the spotlight.” 

Participants had to RSVP on OwlConnect. Then once they arrived at the event, they had to sign in. Then, the battle began! 

The six contenders fought against each other for about six minutes during each game. Then, once the final two gamers were left standing, the championship round began. 

Interdisciplinary studies major John Stannard, a freshman, won third place in the battle. He was very excited to play Super Smash Bros against his friends in a more competitive manner.  

“It was pretty stressful,” Stannard said. “I did well in the first match because there was no pressure. Then, once I realized I was still in the competition, I got really stressed, and that was what made me lose.” 

Stannard has been playing Super Smash Bros since 2018 and views the game as mindless fun.  

“This kind of event gets you to meet new people that like the same things you do and gives you a super fun experience,” Stannard said.  

ProCon’s mission from hosting this event was to bring students that safe space and to hopefully give them time to relax or give them motivation to complete school assignments. 

“It gives students something to look forward to and even train for,” Huydic said. “We wanted to give them something fun to participate in that they can feel good about days after.” 

The winner of the Super Smash Bros Tournament was interdisciplinary studies major Lincoln Carroll, a junior, who has won many of ProCon’s previous gaming events! 

Carroll has been playing the iconic game since 2014 and loves playing it with his friends.  

“At first, I did not even realize that I had won, but once I did, I got really happy,” Carroll said. “I think that it is really cool that we get to have a tournament that is this fun.” 

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