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  • I’m interested in an article on the cleanup on southern campus. I would like to write an article and do not know how to go about it. I have never wrote an article for the schools news paper yet but I am very interested in this one since we as students have been extremly inconvienced by this storm and the lack of clean-up done by southerns faculty

  • Hello my name is Nikita Payne & I’m a Local 217 Unite Here Union Steward for the food service workers at SCSU. Yesterday we did a demonstration walking from the Student Center to the president’s office & the students wanted to know why. The reason why is the school want 20% or more of our workers to be laid off so that students can work. We the workers want the students to work but we want the school to have what ever company that comes in to faze it in in percentages over an amount of time & not all at once so we went to ask the president along with the support of some students to do just that because a lot of the workers have families, sick people they take care of & some left their job to work here to make a better living. We don’t want to see them lose their job & go back to struggling.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Nikita Payne

  • Good man! That is nice offers for you.

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