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ProCon hosts ‘Commuter Picnic’

Christian Mansfield- Contributor

On Monday, at 1 p.m., ProCon hosted a “Commuter Picnic” on the quad for commuters to enjoy festivity and fellowship. The event featured a visit from Ted’s Cheeseburger food truck, cupcakes given to students free of charge and bouncy houses for students to enjoy. 

The event was planned for the past two and a half weeks to bring commuters together and relieve stress from the semester.  

Business major Devona Smith, a freshman, attended Monday’s event and was pleasantly surprised at the festivities offered.  

Photo: Kahiona Senior

“I would rate this event a 10/10. We ran out of cupcakes! Everybody seems to be enjoying the burgers; there was a line across the quad,” Smith said. “This event has been planned for two and a half weeks, and we’re excited to get everybody together, especially the commuters.”  

Speech pathology major Kristina Sirois, a freshman, also attended with friends and cherished the opportunity. 

“This is a great event for ProCon to hold. As a commuter, I love when I see opportunities to connect with fellow students amidst the stress of classes,” Sirois said. “My friends and I found out about this event spontaneously and were pleasantly surprised. We will definitely attend it next year if they hold it again.” 

Education major Sarah Kahn was amongst the crowd and shared her experience.  

“Love events like this. It’s great to get out of my comfort zone and partake in fun things like this,” Khan said. “I love the student engagement, and it’s great to meet new friends. I loved the bouncy house part the most, especially since I was able to compete against my friends. Memories like this was last forever.”  

Political science major Stefano Guerra, a senior, enjoyed the festivities.    

“I love events like this. It’s a great way to get commuters involved,” Stefano said. “We were fortunate enough to have great weather too, which just makes the day ten times better.” 

Overall, events like this show how the school cares about the students. Makes me proud to be an owl.”  

Collaborative education major Melody Tracy, a freshman, enjoyed the event as well. She shared her gratitude for events like this.  

“I really think it is wonderful that ProCon holds these events for commuters. It can be challenging for commuters since they’re always on the go, but events like these allow them to really experience all of the festivities the campus has to offer,” Tracy said. “I love just seeing everybody outside, laughing and having a great time. It’s what we are all about at Southern.” 

Math major John Walsh, a senior, was amongst the attendees and shared his gratitude for events like this.   

“It’s great to see ProCon holding this event for commuters,” Walsh said. “As I am graduating next semester, I will miss events like this that the university holds. It’s awesome to see everybody getting together and enjoying the warm weather.”  

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