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Semester without sports

Mike Neville – Sports Editor The fall semester for the Owls has been anything but ordinary. COVID-19 ended fall sports before they could even begin. The only thing the athletes could do is practice and keep their fingers crossed that COVID-19 will not steal spring sports away too. Although the Owls have attempted to keep athletics relevant through the “Owl

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Students discuss sports in spring

Edward Rudman – Sports Writer As the fall semester inches closer to ending, the possibility of sports having a spring competitive season is still up in the air depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic develops over the next months. Collegiate athletic programs all over the country have dealt with the pandemic by implementing rules and regulations that promote social distancing

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Field hockey team marches for cause

Edward Rudman – Sports Writer The field hockey program continued its support against domestic violence, participating in the Domestic Violence Awareness March that took place Oct. 21 on campus. Head Coach Kelley Frassinelli has been a staunch supporter of the cause for years and even coordinated the team’s participation back in March. Frassinelli is also a member of the school’s

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