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Scott Burrell Reminisces Through “The Last Dance”

Hunter O. Lyle – Sports Editor In a world without sports, many fanatics find themselves trapped inside, watching old clips of their favorite players, day dreaming about when they could tune in at night to watch games live. This brings a whole new meaning to seasonal depression.   However, while times may seem dreary for sports fans now, ESPN is filling that void with a long-anticipated documentary,

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What’s on Tap? Predicting the First-Round of the NBA Playoffs Had They Happened

Sam Tapper – Sports Writer  The NBA Playoffs were supposed to begin on April 18, and this year’s postseason was as highly anticipated as any in recent memory, with multiple teams in each conference who could be justified as contenders.  Due to COVID-19, it is unknown when or if the NBA season will resume or if the playoffs will happen. In light

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