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ProCon celebrates Plant Appreciation Day

Jack Abbot- General Reporter

Students gathered in Farnham to receive potted plants for “Plant Appreciation Day.” 

“Plant Appreciation Day” was an event hosted by the Programs Council, ProCon, to provide students with fun activities and plants that they could decorate their dorms with. 

“We think about gardening. Gardening is such an amazing hobby, especially for those who just like to take it easy,” nighttime committee member for ProCon and biology major Craig Huydic, a sophomore, said. “We want to do things at the end of the day that can go ahead and relax them.” 

Photo: Jack Abbot

This event’s purpose was to educate students on different types of plants and the science behind them. Students who attended could take home their own succulent for their dorms or rooms. There was also a raffle for a LEGO set that consisted of different species of succulents.  

“One of the major core benefits would just be that repetition: repetition in watering them, repetition in taking care of them. That can go hand in hand with studying,” Huydic said. “It may not be alive, like a dog or a cat, but it is alive, and you have to take care of it. And it’s something you can see grow and become something bigger.” 

Students who attended this event could paint their own owl-shaped pots to plant their new succulents into. They would also be able to take home several plant-themed items such as trowels and decorative pens. 

“I really like plants, and I also like painting. It really relaxes me, and I’m really stressed right now, so I feel like it would help,” psychology major Elizabeth Martin, a sophomore, said. “Having some sort of greenery and something that just gives your room a little more life helps during the stressful finals.” 

Students who attended also competed in a plant-themed Kahoot, where they learned about different kinds of plants and the science behind plants and gardens.  

“I like plants. I have three right now in my room, so I was like ‘they need a friend,’” Spanish major John Romano said. “My mom always said that looking at something green makes you feel better.” 

Programs Council hosts various events to improve the educational experience for students and residents. They run many different events, all of which are free. 

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