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Let’s get “civical”

Anthony Martorano – Contributor With Thanksgiving now behind us, I’m looking forward to the holiday season! This week’s Let’s Get Civical is all about how you can give back to your local community!  To help aide small businesses hurt by the pandemic, the city of New Haven has created an online marketplace featuring over 50 stores. It was made with the hopes that people will think local this coming holiday shopping season. Check out the site here:  Speaking of giving it back, you

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Students are stressing over oline finals

Desteny Maragh – Reporter With a challenge of balancing school in person and online, students are finding it stressful to prepare for online finals.   “The fact that all of my finals are online, makes it hard to keep up with what’s going on,” said Communiations major, Emma Jerram, sophomore.   Jerram feels the student to professor connection is lacking in her courses and is leading

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Looking back on the fall semester

Sam Tapper – Managing Editor As quickly as it began – it ended, and just after 14-weeks, the on-ground portion of the Fall 2020 semester has finally come to an end, with just 13 days before the winter break.   The university was one of the few to make it through its in-person semester without a major COVID-19 shutdown, unlike fellow state schools like Western Connecticut State University and the University of

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Students travel back home for the end of the semester

Desteny Maragh – Reporter As Thanksgiving break is approaching, many students are saying goodbye to their dorms and are heading home for the holiday season.  Finance & Administration Executive Vice President Mark Rozewski said in a statement that “the majority of faculty and staff, apart from essential personnel, will not be required to work on campus after Thanksgiving.”  “Individual offices may stay open with limited/staggered staffing, dependent on the schedule

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Harris named first female Vice President – Elect

Jessica Guerrucci – Editor-in-Chief It took 48 vice presidents and 232 years – but the news came with Joe Biden being named president-elect that the United States will have its first female vice president. “Thinking about Kamala Harris, the significance that comes with her, being a vice president-elect and all the things, she carries with her,” said Yi-Chun Tricia Lin,

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