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Delta Phi Epsilon hosts ‘Grown Ups’ movie night for ANAD

Lexi White- General Reporter

College students love movie nights. What makes these eventful nights even more worthwhile is if they can help raise funds for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, ANAD. 

Delta Phi Epsilon hosted a movie night fundraiser for eating disorder awareness where all the proceeds from snacks and beverages would be donated to the nonprofit organization.  

Students watching “Grown Ups” in the Farnham Programming Space. Photo: Lexi White

Interdisciplinary studies major Anna Jani, a senior, is the president of the sorority. She oversees managing the entire chapter and booking the rooms for when the sorority is hosting an event.  

“We donate our time and money to ANAD every spring semester, and we have been for the past 20 years,” Jani said. “We really believe in justice and helping other people throughout the country overcome their eating disorders.” 

Delta Phi Epsilon originally wanted to hold a regular movie night butdecided to take it up a notch and host a fundraiser in attempts to help more individuals who are struggling with eating disorders.  

English major Emily Weiner, a junior, is the vice president of recruitment for the sorority. She is in charge of introducing new sisters to the group and getting them interested in Greek life.  

One of the main ways Delta Phi Epsilon gets girls interested is by educating them about the philanthropies that they are responsible for, including ANAD. 

“It’s really important for us because obviously as women, body image is such a thing that’s like passed on to us,” Weiner said. “We really want to encourage healthy eating habits, self-love and body positivity.” 

The sorority picked out the movie “Grown Ups” for everyone to watch because they felt that it would uplift spirits. 

“Our main goal with this night was not only to encourage sisterhood amongst ourselves but to encourage others to just take the night off, relax, come enjoy a movie and enjoy spending time with friends,” Weiner said.  

The vice president of programming for Delta Phi Epsilon is nursing major Natalie Strout, a sophomore. She oversees anything that is philanthropy related, like ANAD. 

“I feel like sororities can get a bad reputation sometimes, but we are not like the typical book definition of sorority,” Strout said. “We are just a bunch of girls having fun that genuinely felt like they needed a place on campus to build new connections.” 

One of the students who came to the ANAD fundraiser was nursing major Lilly Paige, a senior. She brought a bracelet making kit to the event to keep her hands busy as she was watching them. 

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