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Students excited to have a snow day

Brianna Wallen- News Editor

According to USA today, on Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow. Despite the legend predicting an early spring, the campus was transformed into a winter wonderland on Tuesday, Feb. 13.  

With the impending storm, the university was shut down, resulting in both in-person and online classes being cancelled. The second snow day of semester allowed owls to rejoice during their break from classes.  

The snowy residents halls on Tuesday, Feb. 13. Photo: Brianna Wallen

Some students took advantage of the snow day by indulging in winter festivities. Exercise and sports science major Justin Galindo, a freshman utilized the day off to practice winter activities filled with nostalgia. 

“I played in the quad with my friends and threw snowballs at people,” Galindo said.  

While some students took advantage of the snow, others used their free day to catch up on work. Business major CJ Dawkins, a freshmen hibernated in his dorm to study. 

“I stayed in my room and did math work for my class,” Dawkins said.  

Similarly, many students saw the snow-day as a time to reset and stay warm. Computer science major Rakaigh Pettway, a freshman spent his day off relaxing and spending time online with his friends. 

“I just chilled in my room and played Call of Duty with my friends,” Pettway said.  

To escape the cold, many owls remained in their dorm and found enjoyment online. Business major Sam Coimin, a freshman, said that she utilized her screen time to the fullest.  

“I slept, watched a few movies, and ordered Chipotle,” Coimin said.  

Staying in was a popular choice among owls. Business major with a concentration of marketing Juwell Clay, a freshman said that she binge-watched her favorite show.  

“I watched episodes of Scandal and almost finished season 6,” Clay said.  

Clay also said that she used the day to catch up on sleep.  

“I took three naps,” Clay said. “It felt refreshing to have a break from my busy schedule.”  

Regardless of how students spent their snow-day, it was much anticipated. Especially for nursing major Chrystophe Obiang-Ze, a freshman. Obiang-Ze, said that biology exam was planned to occur on Tuesday morning, that he did not want to take. With the snow-day he was given an extra day to study and feel more prepared.  

“I think God heard my prayers in the bathroom,” Obiang-Ze said. “I was really praying for a miracle to happen.” 

While the snow day gave students an opportunity to rest and escape classes it is clear that owls are left wanting more.  

“We need more snow days!” Galindo said. 

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