Today: May 29, 2024

2024 class government prepares for graduation

Solé Scott- Features Editor

So long and farewell to the class of 2024. 

They could not walk across the stage for graduation. COVID interrupted and stole their prom, Finally, they are on their way out of college after a long four years. 

Collaborative education major Daphne Ciarcia, a senior, is the vice president of the 2024 class government. 

“This year, we’ve been focusing on just making sure we have a nice senior week for everyone since a lot of our senior class did not get that due to COVID,” Ciarcia said. 

Photo: Solé Scott

The class consists of five senior students who make up the executive board who creates and executes event planning. 

“We have a bar night at Stony Creek Brewery, and we are going to have game, prizes, music and food,” Ciarcia said. 

Psychology major Claire-Massalah Val-Fils, a senior, is the current public relations chair. 

“Everything is just now being finalized. Just trying to get people to buy tickets, trying to advertise as much as we can,” Val-Fils said. 

Healthcare studies major Cristal Rivas-De La Cruz, a senior, is the treasurer. 

“We have a senior gala, which is kind of like, we got our prom taken during 2020, so we try to do something nice for the seniors,” Rivas-De La Cruz said. 

As the seniors get ready to walk across the Total Mortgage Arena stage on May 17, they wanted to give some advice to the incoming freshmen. 

“I have a lot, but I would say chase your dreams. If you put in the effort, you’re going to achieve anything you put your mind into,” De La Cruz said. “Make a lot of connections and network with people.” 

Getting involved on campus between freshmen and senior year is beneficial for students. 

“Get involved, but don’t get too involved to the point where you are always doing something, and you don’t have time to take care of yourself,” Val-Fils said. 

Tickets for senior week have been live since March 28 and will close on Friday May 3. 

There will be transportation to all events as first come, first serve. 

A trip to Foxwoods is the first event of the senior week which will be held on May 13. 

All students joining need to bring money, as food will not be provided.  

“Senior Send-Off” is the last event which will be held on May 16 in the resident life quad on campus. 

“It just has been so great being on the class executive board since freshman year. Like, it’s just been such a great opportunity to be so involved,” Ciarcia said. “As much as we did not show our faces until this year, like just trying to be a presence on campus has been so rewarding.” 

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