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Ash Wednesday takes a different form this year due to COVID-19

Sofia Rositani – Arts & Entertainment Editor This year, Ash Wednesday looked very different for people in the Catholic religion all over the world. Some places gave ashes how they are normally done, and others did it with COVID-19 procedures in place.  In the Adanti Student Center, I was able to obtain my ashes without going off campus. This is done every year with students who do not have transportation

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No guest in RESIDENTIAL halls still continues

Abby Epstein – News Editor Socializing is a major part of college, but COVID-19 has taken much of this away. With recommendations from the Health Department, residence life has suspended allowing guests into residence halls for the moment.   I understand the caution of residence life wanting to keep the students safe and healthy. Students being forced to meet outside of the dorms could possibly expose them even more.  To hang out with friends, students have to go out to

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Semester lacks transparency on community front

Ellis McGinley – Copy Editor In our first 21 days on campus, residents went to and from quarantine, a portion of campus lost power for the worse part of a day, we were hit by two snowstorms, and administration still has no updates on new testing procedures for commuters.  Crises range from minor irritations to dynamic-shifting proposals, as university enrollment continues to decline, and debts continue to rise.  It also seems as

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Are Horoscopes for you? Delve into the astrological part of your birth

Ellis McGinley – Copy Editor Horoscopes: a long-lived tradition, often printed in newspapers and shared on cheesy romance websites. Ask anyone what their sign is, and they’ll likely be able to tell you which of the twelve Greek zodiacs they were born under.  With apps like Co-Star and Pattern, which are dedicated to helping users analyze their ‘birth chart’ (a

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