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Gaming with a disability: accommodations in progress

Jacob Waring – Contributor The disabled community often gets the short end of the stick, and videogame developers typically make accessibility to disabled gamers an afterthought.   Since the eight-bit early days, video games have considerably reached new heights, except in one area — accessibility.  As a Deaf individual, I have experienced this since I started playing video games a child. I grew during a period where many games didn’t have

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The joy that free reading offers

Joe Freer–  Reporter A college student’s workload is often overbearing and rigorous, filled with so much reading that is easy to forget how to enjoy it. Just the thought of reading is associated with academic work, and seems to push students away. School indirectly puts a stigma on reading that it’s mainly for research, studying and analytical purposes, but we can’t forget the most important reason

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Nike Kaepernick ad campaign rapidly increases stock, sales

Kevin Crompton – Editor-in-Chief Colin Kaepernick still does not have a job in the National Football League. He does however, have a new job with Nike. “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” The print advertisement featuring a grayscale close up of Kaepernick’s face with a quote inspiring athletes to make sacrifices for their beliefs in white text

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