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Panic buying and preparing for a pandemic

Izzy Manzo – Photo Editor As COVID-19 leads to campus closures, capping public gatherings at 250 people, and the very real question as to whether or not the United States could experience a mass lockdown. In response, people across the country have taken to “panic buying” to ensure that they would have enough supplies to last the pandemic. On one hand,

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Mild winter weather leads to no snow or school cancellations

Alexandra Scicchitano – Opinions & Features Editor Another day, more confused weather. Each day the weather seems to get more and more inconsistent. Last week it was sunny, warm, basically spring. But now this week, it is cold and bitter. The winter has been noticably mild. Barely any snow of any kind has touched our Nor’Eastern lawns, schools and building.

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Connecticut Ridicule Law should be rewritten, not repealed

Jackson Volenec – Reporter There is a lot of discussion centering around Connecticut’s “Racial Ridicule” Law, which prevents people from advertising hate speech against any different class of person, whether that be race, gender, religion, etc. People are debating whether or not it should be repealed, as some people are arguing the law is unconstitutional and impedes the First Amendment.

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The university addresses the coronavirus risk

Jessica Guerrucci – Managing Editor “Coronavirus,” the word is stuck in all of our minds, consuming headlines. Since the global risk of spreading and impact has gone from “high” to “very high,” the university has begun to prepare. President Joe Bertolino said in his letter to the community last week that “immediate risk to the American public and to our students

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