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Celebrating native lineage

Danielle Campbell – Copy Editor The story given to me about my family was my great-grandfather moved to Connecticut for a better life than the one he had on a Native American reservation. Which one? I am not sure. I know my grandfather’s lineage is Black, White and Native American. I was told his father wanted better for his children than the life

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Major change is okay, we cannot control it  

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief In my three years of being at this university, I never thought I would be changing my major, I also did not realize I would be changing so late in my four-year journey called college. It was a hard decision but overall, I am happy with my decision. Change is not just in a major, change is everywhere.   I was originally a journalism and

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Overwhelming thoughts? You are doing amazing

Danielle Campbell – Copy Editor I cannot be the only one. There is no way it is just me suffering like this. Stress. School. There are so many things happening I cannot keep up with at all. I have assignments due for classes, for my extracurriculars, I work at three concert venues, I have an internship and a senior class which might as well be another internship, my sister is getting

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