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Resident Parking – OPINION

Sarah Shelton – Photo Editor Walking to class in the rain, darkness and cold weather is something I have to do daily as the university will not let me park in the Fitch Street parking garage.  When it comes to parking at the university, both residents and commuters have problems.  For commuters, there are specific lots, such as the Brownell

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Residence halls still falling apart – OPINION

Sarah Shelton – Photo Editor Leaking ceilings, bug infestations and mold are among some of the problems brought to Residence Life’s attention within the last year.  The biggest complaints I hear among residents all involve their dorm and how problems are not solved.  When brainstorming topics in one of my journalism classes, one of my classmates shared how when their

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Opinion: We need to grow up 

Ali Fernand – Features Editor As I’ve gotten older, I’ve expected my dynamics with people in my life to change. I’m a person who needs direct communication, clear boundaries, and emotional maturity. I entered my 20’s last August and was immediately afraid of the maturity that number came with. But I quickly realized that this expectation is not reality.   I

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