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Celebrating native lineage

Danielle Campbell – Copy Editor The story given to me about my family was my great-grandfather moved to Connecticut for a better life than the one he had on a Native American reservation. Which one? I am not sure. I know my grandfather’s lineage is Black, White and Native American. I was told his father wanted better for his children than the life

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Major change is okay, we cannot control it  

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief In my three years of being at this university, I never thought I would be changing my major, I also did not realize I would be changing so late in my four-year journey called college. It was a hard decision but overall, I am happy with my decision. Change is not just in a major, change is everywhere.   I was originally a journalism and

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Overwhelming thoughts? You are doing amazing

Danielle Campbell – Copy Editor I cannot be the only one. There is no way it is just me suffering like this. Stress. School. There are so many things happening I cannot keep up with at all. I have assignments due for classes, for my extracurriculars, I work at three concert venues, I have an internship and a senior class which might as well be another internship, my sister is getting

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ALEKS, making math harder for students

Sarah Shelton – Features Editor “ALEKS is the worst,” I have said plenty of times during my freshman year here.  “Why? What did he do?” majority of people would ask thinking I was referring to someone actually named “Alex”.  “No, the math program,” I would have to say.  If you have never heard of ALEKS, you are lucky.  ALEKS is a math program the university uses for Math

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Smiling faces to be seen in outdoor classrooms

Madeline S. Scharf – News Editor I do not go outside much. Between my heavy class schedule, the newspaper, and trying to maintain a social life with mostly introverted friends, my time out in the sun is minimal.   This, however, changed when my professor proposed an outdoor class. We would be discussing the same content, taking the same notes, but this time sitting out in the sun instead of

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