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Students and demonstrators missed the mark on justice

Jacob Waring – Reporter Evangelicals came to visit Southern on Nov. 1, and raised their voices to echoe their interpretation of the gospel. They used strong words against students, to “see the error of their ways” or “suffer eternal damnation.” Student engaged in debate with the Evangelicals asking such questions as why they believe what they believe. Other students took glee

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Accident preparedness and response is impressive

August Pelliccio – Features and Opinions Editor On Oct. 19, Southern News reported on a fire in the Adanti Student Center. The most important takeaway from that article was this university’s preparedness for the unpredictable, and the potentially devastating. On the day of the fire, Wayne Ricks, acting battalion chief for the New Haven Fire Department said no additional fire suppresion

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Harboring malicious energy leads to increased attacks

Tamonda Griffiths – News Writer This past week adversaries of President Trump – CNN correspondent John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and former Vice President Joe Biden, to name few – have received homemade pipe bombs by mail. At 10:52 a.m. on Friday, October 26th a suspect was taken into FBI custody. Naturally, before

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On the way to green: Universities waste paper by design

August Pelliccio – Features and Opinions Editor Paper usage is always a touchy subject. Environmentalists will always vouch to save the trees, and use more sustainable resources. Yet, colleges and universities have always consumed so much paper, that its tough to foresee a paperless university at this point. There have been innovations in my lifetime that seem like they could eliminate

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