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Food review: Mighty Donuts

Brianna Wallen- News Editor

New Haven is already well known for its well-crafted pizza. However, the city also has undercover gems that satisfy a sweet tooth. One of these sweet shops is Mighty Donuts.  

Located on Dixwell Avenue, the small business has a wide range of sweet treats to cure all customers’ cravings. The menu includes everything from mini-Puerto Rican style donuts to milkshakes and ice cream.  

They also offer a wide assortment of toppings and icings for customers to customize their cravings. They range from cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles to other sweets such as M&M’s, marshmallows and more.  

If customers are not feeling creative, Mighty Donuts has it covered with pre-created topping combinations to select from. These range from lemon icing to guava and cheesecake icing. If that is not enough, any additional toppings or drizzles cost $1 each. 

Mighty Donuts even has special creations like mini donut ice cream sandwiches and donuts on a stick. The shop offers assorted boxes and sampler plates to help indecisive customers avoid losing out on any of the creative combinations.  

I decided to try two half dozen mini donuts. The first flavor was white chocolate icing, fresh strawberries and cinnamon, and the other was white chocolate drizzle, cinnamon, and Oreo crumbs. The half dozen donuts cost $4.25. 

Mighty Donuts upholds their slogan that “quality comes first,” by producing fresh mini donuts in front of customers. One by one, I saw the specialty donut maker flip sweet delectables out of the hot oil. The process emitted the aroma of fresh fried dough that enchanted visitors at the door.  

To wash down the tasty treats, the shop offers freshly squeezed lemonade with a handful of different tropical flavors like passion fruit, guava, hurricane, coconut and mango.  

All added flavors cost $1 each, while the standard price of lemonade is $8.  

To accompany my donuts, I purchased mango lemonade. I watched as the worker squeezed lemons and sliced juicy mango behind the counter. Unlike the mini donuts, the lemonade had a hefty serving size, as it was served in a 32 oz container.   

The drink was the perfect balance of refreshing and sweet. The mango also blended with the lemonade well and created a tangy flavor. The ice-cold beverage paired nicely with the warm, sweet donuts.  

The Oreo combination donuts were coated with chocolatey crumbs. The white chocolate drizzle seeped onto the warm dough, and the pastry melted in my mouth.  

Even better were the mini donuts topped with strawberries. Since I am a strawberry and chocolate lover, this combination was the best of both worlds.  

This donut shop is perfect for an easy off-campus treat. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, Mighty Donuts is the place to relieve any late-night cravings!  

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