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Students react to housing choices for the next semester

Brianna Wallen- News Editor

As the semester wraps up, students are preparing for the next semester. Whether applying for summer and fall on-campus jobs or selecting their classes, students choosing to live on campus in the fall must select housing.  

This time around, picking housing looks a little different. Students must choose their housing based on the living conditions they want and how much cumulative credit they will acquire by the end of the semester. 

Freshmen halls such as Hickerson, Chase, Wilkinson and Farnham have a minimum of zero credits and a maximum of 36 credits. Other halls such as North Townhouse, Schwartz, West, North and Neff have no maximum credits, but the minimum amount ranges from zero credits to as high as 90.  

Since single dorms are in high demand, indviduals that are seeking to live in singles are put at a disadvantage. According to Residence Life, singles available in Brownell, North Midrise, North Townhouses and West are extremely limited.  

With these factors in mind, students are having trouble selecting which hall they want to live in.  

Nursing major Simone Dwyer, a freshman, said that she initially intended to live in a single; however, due to the small chance that she might acquire one, she opted to live with roommates instead.  

“I want to live in Brownell, which is the sophomore experience dorm,” Dwyer said.  

During roommate selection week, Dwyer chose to live with four other roommates. This is a popular option among the freshman class. Despite her choice, Dwyer said she still believes that having a limited number of singles is unfair.  

“Most students do not want to have a roommate after their first year because they have gotten the first-year experience,” Dwyer said. “Therefore, singles and shared living spaces should be half and half, not limited.” 

Dwyer currently resides in Chase Hall and shares a dorm room with a roommate. 

While some students prefer to live alone, others are satisfied with the option of having one or more roommates. Communication disorders major Ashley Donahue, a freshman, plans on living in a suite in Brownell Hall with four roommates.  

Donahue said that she wants to live in Brownell Hall due to its many perks. 

“I would have my own bathroom definitely and be able to have a living room,” Donahue said. “Basically, being able to have my own apartment on campus to be away from everyone.” 

While living with a roommate currently made many residents realize they would prefer to live alone, Donahue believes the complete opposite.  

“I honestly really like people, and since I didn’t have a roommate last semester, and I have one now, I realize that I actually really like it,” Donahue said.  

With 1,958 students living on campus as of Fall 2023 according to the university’s website, it is estimated that more students will be adding to that total in the upcoming semester.  

The room selection period beings on Monday, April 8, starting with those that are seeking singles and ends on Thursday, April 11 with students who have no roommate matches. 

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