Today: Apr 14, 2024

Owls Decide- Who’s their favorite president

Lexi White- General Reporter

“Andrew Jackson because he likes to duel people, which is funny, and he was the first president to ever have an assassination attempt.” -Earth science major Alexander Moser, a sophomore 

“Obama because we have similar paths for the middle class and below.” -Accounting major Glenroy Ford, a senior 

“John Adams because I was named after his wife, Abigail Adams.” -Studio art major Abigail Rossi, a sophomore 

“Barack Obama because I’m Black, and it’s Black History Month.” -Psychology major Trician Johnson, a sophomore 

“I don’t have a favorite president because all of them are flawed. Personally, I just want a president that supports gay rights and can stop student loans.” -Interdisciplinary studies major John Stannard, a freshman 

“Barack Obama is my favorite president because he has broken so many barriers. He is the first Black president and has raised to bar for us as a Black community.” -Political science major Ryan Williams, a sophomore 

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