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Music: Underground R&B musicians to watch

Jay’Mi Vazquez- Managing Editor

This year, the underground R&B scene has artists that are pushing boundaries with sounds, images and music video concepts.  

As this underground scene has been growing, there are many artists right now showcasing why they deserve more recognition for their creativity. 

An artist by the name of 4Batz has been blowing up lately with his music, placing on the Hot 100 charts with his song, “Act ii: date @ 8.” 

The main thing that draws listeners in is his voice. Drawing comparisons to Brent Faiyaz, 4Batz edits his voice to create a higher sounding pitch, sounding softer and more angelic.  

However, his look and image are very different from the themes in his songs. His singing about love and girls while decked out in streetwear style and equipped with grills, double cups and black Air Forces is addictive to watch. 

Although this has been done before, his music videos are the definition of when the video does not match the song. It is impeccable marketing that draws listeners in.  

With a feature from a bigger artist like Drake, 4Batz would be flourishing as an established artist. 

BLK ODYSSY is another example of an R&B artist who really is deserving of more recognition.  

With songs like “ODEE” and “Want You,” he has shown that there is a variation in his R&B, showcasing different tempos, lyrical abilities and melodies.  

He captivates listeners with his socially conscious music and his voice. Although he does not have a wide vocal range, it sounds unlike any other artists.  

BLK ODYSSY showcases a laid-back singing ability with an experimental distinguished style.  

“ODEE” is his best song by far, sounding like it belongs on a Travis Scott or Kendrick Lamar album.  

ODYSSY’s sounds share similarities to past R&B songs but also hold an exciting promise for its future.  

Another artist, Elmiene, has been creating waves in the underground R&B scene.  

His biggest song, “Someday,” is amazing. The production and vocals on that track showcase a promising future if the right people hear him. 

As a British singer, his fan base mainly is comprised of people from Britain. Mainstream global attention is what Elmiene needs.  

His sound is very similar to artists like Miguel, Jordan Ward and Daniel Caeser with his ability to make every track sound soothing.  

Elmiene’s ability to materialize abstract ideas, especially on songs featured on his latest project, “Marking My Time,” really encapsulates why he is a compelling upcoming R&B artist.  

Naomi Sharon is probably one of the best vocalists in the underground R&B scene right now. Sharon’s genre blending of R&B melodies and themes with afro-beats creates a unique balance for listeners.  

Songs like “Definition of Love” are a good example of how impactful this blend can be. Her voice can be very soft at times but also has a strong depth. 

Her songs remind listeners of Sade, and fans are here for it. 

With such a unique tone, she captures the spirit and sound of Sade from the late 1990s. Her modern songs have such an older feel with their prolific production and nice lyricism.  

This underground R&B has many more talented artists showcasing their creativity. As a listener, the growth of this category has been fun to watch since it is comprised of vastly different sounds and experimentation. 

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