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ProCon celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Lexi White- General Reporter

Are you feeling lucky? Those who did attended ProCon’s Saint Patrick’s Day-themed event. They had four games that students could play, and if they won, they got to pick out a prize from a large variety! 

Students had the opportunity to win LED light lamps in various shapes, gift cards for McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, aesthetically pleasing water bottles and so much more! 

The first game was a guess the number game. A set of partners had to guess which number the other wrote down on their mini whiteboard. 

One of the games set up for students in the resource room. Photo: Lexi White

The second game consisted of guessing the color of cards. Students had to guess if a card was black or red before they flipped it over.  

For the third game, students had to pick the golden treasure chests out of four treasure chests.  

For the fourth and final game, students had to guess which rubber ducky had a symbol on the bottom of it.  

During each game, students got to play until they won, which made things very easy. ProCon wanted to make sure that each student was a winner and could pick out what they desired from the prize table.  

A member of ProCon who helped to host this event was sports management major Luis Reyes, a sophomore. He said the group wanted to host a giveaway, but they wanted to make it more entertaining instead of students just grabbing things and leaving. 

“This event was to give students something to do throughout their day,” Reyes said. “If they have a huge gap between classes or wanted to take a break from studying, then they could play a game and win something they like.” 

Another ProCon member helping to host this event was nursing major Melanie Gloster, a sophomore.  

Gloster said, “Students get to come out, meet other people, interact with other students, and play games for a chance to win fun prizes.” 

Exercise science major Junior LaForest, a sophomore, was one of the students who attended ProCon’s event. He played the guessing card game and won a fuzzy blanket! 

“We just got back from spring break, and this definitely helped to keep my spirits up,” LaForest said. “It is really nice to destress and do something fun.” 

Another student who participated in the event was business economics major Brittany McCalla, a freshman. She walked by the room where the event was being held, saw the prizes and wanted to try and win something for herself. 

“This makes students more engaged with other people and try new things out,” McCalla said.  

McCalla won a McDonald’s gift card and a Stanley Water Bottle. 

Graphic design major Monay Berber, a freshman, was also trying her hardest to win a prize.  

“I came to this event because I heard there were prizes,” Berber said. “It sounded really fun to play games and hang out with my friends at the same time.” 

Berber won a Stanley water Bottle and a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. 

“You get to talk to people that you never would have talked to before and step out of your comfort zone,” Berber said.  

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