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Commuter services host ‘Study Spot Café’

Jack Abbot- General Reporter

Commuter Services hosted a special “Study Spot Cafe” to help motivate commuters to avoid procrastination. 

On Tuesday, the Resource Room in the Adanti Student Center was open for commuters to visit and participate in the event. Students who entered would have to sign a contract that asked for the goals they wanted to complete during this event.  

If students could complete their academic or work goals by the end, they would be entered into a gift card raffle to the bookstore. Students were provided with coffee and snacks during this event. 

The concept for this event was created by Senior Commuter Assistant and psychology major Heather Rae Gaydowen, a sophomore. It is based on a cafe concept in Japan that Gaydowen said she learned about from a TikTok. 

Photo: Jack Abbot

“It’s like an anti-procrastination cafe where people come in, they sign a contract of what they want to do and then the barista will just keep serving them drinks until they finish what they said they wanted to do” Gaydowen said. “I kind of wanted to do that for commuter students.” 

The event also had a goal of encouraging commuters to stay on campus after they attend their classes.  

“Some students just want to do their homework at home, but like, we have a resource room, a lounge and a bunch of places for people to get some work done,” Gaydowen said. 

Commuter Services is an organization on campus that aims to create a sense of community within commuters. They have weekly events such as the breakfast or “Commuter Crew,” which aim to create an environment where commuters can interact with each other.  

Events like this cafe are aimed at encouraging commuters to stay on campus after their classes have ended and make use of the resources and community provided by the university. 

“It can be something as serious as studying, or it can be something as unserious, but still fun, as a TikTok challenge that happens on Mondays. But either way, it kind of just encourages students to come together and hang out before going home,” Gaydowen said. 

Procrastination can be an issue for many students after midterms with finals and the summer in view. This event aimed to help students be accountable with their studies. 

“We’re just so close to the end that we just start falling off the tracks,” Gaydowen said. “This cafe is definitely going to be helpful for students that really just want to get their work done.” 

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