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Professor hosts mindfulness event

Lexi White- General Reporter

Anxiety and stress are common feelings for college students. Between the workload from classes and trying to make friends, many components of college life can increase a student’s anxiety. That is why Jennifer Botwick decided to host a calming event on Wednesday, Jan. 24, in the Adanti Student Center. 

Botwick is a professor in the public health department here at the university. She teaches stress management, nutrition and weight management. Botwick hosted an event involving yoga, journaling and mindfulness activities. She provided snacks and beverages as well. 

“When I was given an opportunity to run an event like this,” Botwick said. “I jumped at the chance to do so because I love teaching here, and I love the students here as well.” 

Jennifer Botwick teaching a mindfulness class in the Adanti Student Center on Wednesday, Jan. 24. Photo: Lexi White

Botwick started by leading a calming breathing exercise where those who participated only focused on the bell that she was ringing. She had participants breathe in for four counts, then out for four counts. This was so the students could slow their breathing and become more relaxed. 

One of the participants, computer science major Pheonyx Meira, a sophomore, was really excited to see what Botwick had in store for this event. 

“I don’t think this event just benefits students,” Meira said. “I think everyone as a human species gets caught up in their work or their assignments that they lose track of their goals.” 

Another student who attended the event, graphic design major Annelyse Sherman, a sophomore, was pleased with the exercises she participated in. 

“The decompressing from stress was really nice because now I get to go home and take time to myself,” Sherman said. 

Botwick also provided students with knowledge and advice about their mental well-being. 

Regarding this learning opportunity, Sherman said, “I learned how important it is to just take a minute during your day to relax and breathe. I think events like this are overlooked, and people should consider going.” 

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