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Wellbeing Center holds ‘Mindfulness Monday’

Christian Mansfield- Contributor

This past Monday, the Wellbeing Center held their very first “Mindfulness Monday” meeting. Kate McGrudy, the director of the Wellness Center, was very excited to launch this new group here on campus. 

“Our mission is to introduce mindfulness to all students, regardless of their background, etc.” McGrady said. “We emphasize that mindfulness is not the same for everyone. We hope to help students integrate mindfulness into their daily lives and find what works best for them.” McGrady is passionate about helping students find their individual mindfulness plan. 

“What’s great about mindfulness is it is so personal to each individual. There are no hard and fast beliefs and does not come with a manual,” McGrady said. “Its sole purpose is helping students be fully immersed in the moments of everyday life.” 

Michael Izdebski, a clinical mental health counselor working at the university Counseling Services Center is enthusiastic about sharing his understanding of mindfulness to the campus. 

“Mindfulness is the driving force behind this group as an effort to help students stay grounded as they experience the ebbs and flows of the semester,” Izdebski said. “I am very happy with the turnout, and the excitement surrounding the new club and certainly hope to encourage new members to join.” 

Healthcare studies major Ashley Mcphearson, a junior, attended Monday’s meeting in search of an outlet to cope with stress during the semester. 

“I have been interested in mindfulness for a while and really am looking for ways to keep myself focused during the business of everyday life,” Mcphearson said. “I found out about this event on OwlConnect and was really interested to learn exactly what mindfulness really means. I am excited to see how I can integrate these habits into my daily life.” 

Mcphearson was pleased with the meeting overall and plans to attend future weekly meetings. 

“It is so interesting to learn of different ways to bring solace to your life in a world where we are constantly on the go,” Mcphearson said. “ I am so glad I found this club and hope to meet more friends here over the semester.” 

Journalism major Allie Domingue, a junior, also attended Monday’s meeting looking for outlets to turn to and release the stress of everyday life. 

“Everybody here has just been so kind and welcoming, and it has been so interesting to learn of ways to hear different people’s journeys with mindfulness,” Domingue said. “We all have the same goal of finding ways to bring more peace to our lives. We all come from different backgrounds and beliefs, but mindfulness can apply to anyone’s life.” 

The Wellness Center has had the idea of forming this group for a while but is happy to now have it come to fruition. “Mindfulness Mondays” will meet every Monday at 3 p.m. in the Wellbeing Center, located in Schwartz Hall. Future events for “Mindfulness Mondays” will be posted on OwlConnect. 

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