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Students talk about their opinion on Valentine’s Day

Brianna Wallen- News Editor

Love is in the air, Cupids’ arrows are flying over campus as Valentine’s Day rolls around on Feb. 14. 

Owls on campus share ways that they plan to celebrate the holiday. Political science major Dasia Ortiz, a freshman, is celebrating love day with her friends. 

“I’m going out to eat with my friends,” Ortiz said. “We’re going to celebrate Galentine’s Day since we’re all single.”  

Many students deviate from the traditional celebration of Valentine’s Day and decide to hang out with their friends. 

Biology major Dayanna Ortiz, a senior, said that she plans on celebrating the holiday by spending quality time with her friends.  

“We’re going to bake some sweet treats and watch rom-coms,” Ortiz said.  

Instead of spending the holiday traditionally with significant others, friends and family are being shown love as well.  

Nursing major Daneiris Tirado, a freshman, believes that the purpose of the holiday is expressing love, whether platonic or romantic.  

“It’s about spreading love, spending time with your loved ones and sharing your gratitude towards them,” Tirado said.  

While Valentine’s Day is uplifted as a day of affection and love, other students have a pessimistic view on the holiday. Communications major Alan Brockman, a sophomore, said that she does not participate in the holiday.  

“It’s just a normal day for me,” Brockman said. “I think it’s a made-up holiday, and its only important if you’re in a relationship.” 

Many students are overlooking the holiday due to its placement in the middle of the week. Nursing major Favour Amayo, a freshman, said that she has no plans to celebrate.  

“I’m going to sleep through the day and then study for my biology exam that’s the next day,” Amayo said.  

Despite limited enthusiasm, those that are celebrating are passionate about the special day. 

“I think the holiday is about giving gifts to people that you deeply care about,” Ortiz said. “Every year, my parents give me gifts like a teddy bear and my favorite candy, Reese’s.” 

For those that do have a significant other, the holiday is already dedicated to them. After spending time with her girlfriends, Ortiz said that she will be spending time with her boyfriend.  

“We’re going to watch the new Bob Marley movie, ‘One love,’” Ortiz said. 

While the holiday is about showing love, it is also important for everyone to show love to themselves.  

“I’m going to the gym to practice self-love,” Tirado said. 

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