Today: Jul 14, 2024

Owls Decide: Who should win an Oscar?

Solé Scott- Features Editor

“Who I think should win an Oscar is Angela Basset.” – Communications major Sarah Antoine, a sophomore 

“Who should win an Oscar is Taraji P. Henson because she is underrated.”- Psychology major Leticia Asante, a freshman 

“Who I think should win an Oscar is Kevin Hart.”- Computer science major Isiah Tilghman, a freshman 

“Ryan Reynolds, and he has never been a bad actor.”- Business major Taylor Hammond, a freshman 

“Florence Pugh because she is a really good actress, and I really like her and all her movies.”- Biology major Samantha Buissereth, a freshman 

“Who should win an Oscar is Brian Cranston.”- Computer science major Mark, a freshman 

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