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Women’s lacrosse defeats AIC

Dillon Flanigan- Sports Editor

On April 10, the university welcomed the American International College Yellow Jackets of Springfield, Massachusetts down Interstate 91 sent them back with a 21-6 defeat. 

“That’s a good team win. It was just the second half of that we had a little bit of a lull in the second quarter,” Head Coach Kevin Siedlecki said. “We didn’t get frustrated. We didn’t let that snowball, and we took the next shot. We got the next groundball; we made the next play.” 

At 12 minutes in the first period, Alexandra Ruel, a graduate, started scoring for the Owls. Following up was midfielder Amelia Mansfield, a junior, just 35 seconds later. Sandwiching a Yellow Jackets goal, the Owls would add two more goals by midfielders Bailey McDermott and Abigail Nolan, both sophomores. Though a goal by AIC was scored, the Owls took a 4-2 lead. 

Photo: Neil Bainton

“I think the communication and the connection was just really there today, which is why we were coming up with the ball more often and getting it on the attack side,” McDermott said. “On our end, just making sure we had ball possession- I feel like what’s most important on today’s game.” 

Attack Allie Palmer, a sophomore, scored a goal 27 seconds into the second quarter. Four minutes later, attack Kirsten McIntire, a senior, scored a goal and 20 seconds later put her second in the net. 

A few more goals prior to the intermission put the Owls at an 8-5 lead, but that quickly increased in the second half. 

“The first half, we were a little slow. Our shooting was really an issue. I feel like we did pretty good. Defense was doing well, and then we normally struggle on the draw, but today we did really well on it,” attack Morgan Reilly, a junior. “Overall, I think our shooting started rough, and then we started to get it together a little bit and the second half.” 

The Owls started strong in the third period, scoring six of the first seven goals. Reilly and attacker-midfielder Anna Meserve, a freshman, each scored two in the period along with Ruel. Palmer added a goal as Nolan closed out the period with one of her own extending the lead to 15-6 Owls. 

“At halftime, we talked, saying, ‘okay, our shooting is not working,’” Reilly said. “You need to change it up, making sure we’re faking, and then play see it low.” 

If the offensive and defensive firepower was not overwhelming enough, it was just more difficult in the fourth period. The Owls’ defense did not allow a goal in while scoring seven to finish the route. 

Attack Jordan Fisher, a junior, along with Palmer, McIntire, Ruel and Nolan all finished offensively with one goal apiece. Loud cheers erupted from the Owls bench as attack-midfielder Maddox Burton, a freshman, scored her second career goal. 

“I’m really proud of our team,” Ruel said. “We were all in sync. And I think our energy really from the first half to the second half really just increased a lot, and that’s what helped with today’s win.” 

“Everyone on our team has the ability to score,” Ruel said. “Every single person can get the job done no matter what the position is.” 

Over the next two weeks, the Owls will be tested playing nationally ranked teams all on the road. 

“The first half we came out kind of flat-footed. Our energy was kind of low; sideline energy was low; celebration was low; and connection was low,” McDermott said. “I would say in the second half we really picked it up all around on both ends of the field. And I think just bringing that into the following games, it’s going to be really important, and bring our energy and honestly just having fun like we did today.” 

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