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School of Business launches student hosted podcast

Solé Scott- Features Editor

The SCHOOL OF BUSINESS has launched a podcast called “Beyond The Bubble” which is hosted by an undergraduate student, finance major Preston Baldovin, a senior. 

Launched just last semester, the podcast is about what students can expect from employers in the workforce after they graduate. 

Baldovin is the host of the newly launched podcast available on Spotify. 

“We hope to gain knowledge and hear from people who have just recently graduated from college or in the workforce after college and listen to their advice,” Baldovin said. 

Jerry Brenan is an alumnus of the university and created the “Beyond The Bubble” podcast. 

“I graduated back in 1976 from the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, and a little over five years ago, I had some time and said I want to go back to Southern and give back,” Brenan said. 

The podcast is advertised by flyers and QR codes that are placed around campus. 

“I held leadership positions both in for profit world and nonprofit world,” Brenan said. 

Patty Conte is the internship coordinator for the School of Business. 

“At the end of last semester, Dean Jess asked me to slightly shift my roles, so I will be sharing my roles this semester with a success coach,” 

Baldovin, Brenan and Conte all wish for more students to tune in to gain insight into the real world. 

“The podcast work is considered part of alumni work because we are going to be helping students move beyond education and into the alumni world,” Conte said. 

The first episode was released Nov. 8, 2023, and it is about what recruiters are looking for by having a firsthand account from a campus recruiting specialist. 

Each episode is 20 minutes or less. 

“A southern student asks questions as they look beyond school and says can you tell me how you got your job and what are the key insights,” Brenan said. 

There is another podcast called “Power Up To Success” which is currently in the process of being recorded.  

“The podcast is about alumni speaking to executives around how did you get there and what do you recommend for us now,” Brenan said.  

“Power to success” is the sequel to students getting a job, and the journey it takes to be where they want to be as they progress through the workforce. 

“Beyond The Bubble” is about how to start your career. 

The podcast is not just for students who major in business, but for anyone that is interested in gaining knowledge and insight after graduating from college. 

“Really helpful for students to understand these real-life perspectives,” Brenan said. 

Baldovin not only hosts the conversation but also edits the episodes. 

“Jerry approached me with this idea, and he wanted me to help with all the editing process and potentially be a part of the podcast series,” Baldovin said. 

This series can be a tool for students to get accustomed to life after college. 

“I hope to gain the same thing everybody hopes to gain, and it’s just knowledge and hearing from people who have just recently graduated college and hopefully use it to my advantage,” Baldovin said. 

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