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Anime Society offers a space for fellow fans

Solé Scott- Features Editor

Students gathered into a conference room on the third floor of the Adanti Student Center on a rainy March 7, ready to watch and discuss anime footage. 

The Anime Society hosts their weekly meetings every Tuesdays and Thursday. 

Chemistry major Natalia Coombs, a freshman, is the current President of the Anime Society after resurrecting it from the dead with Vice President Computer science major Alana Parris, a freshman. 

“Well, it was honestly my passion for anime, and just having that sense of belonging, and making my own place where people can come and share the passion, whether they love anime or not or they wanted to explore,” Coombs said. 

Parris is the current vice president that united with Coombs to get the club back up and running. 

“I work with Natalia to make sure things go smoothly. You plan stuff, talk to members,” Parris said. 

The Anime Society had been running since at least 2012 according to Parris and Coombs under a different name. The club’s original name was first Baka Chan Anime Society before it was changed to Anime Society in 2013. 

Anime is a Japanese animation genre of film and television that is targeted towards all age groups; however, there are some that depict graphic storylines that are not recommended for children. 

“I think I started watching anime somewhere in mid-high school. Some of my friends introduced me to it,” Coombs said. “At first, I wasn’t interested until like COVID time.” 

Exploratory STEM major Anthony Heyward, a freshman, is a body member. 

“I thought it actually was a good club to join at the time. I did not have anything else better to do,” Heyward said. 

The club brings a community of students together to bask in the essence of anime and what it truly means to them on a personal level. Friendships are created as students find people with a common interest. 

“I like the diverse amount of anime they watch, and they are passionate about different things,” Heyward said. 

The club not only watches films and television shows but also hosts game nights. Out of the two days a week, one day is meant for watching footage, and the other day is for the members to play games. 

Anime Society is looking to attend Anime Boston this semester or Anime New York next semester. 

“This would be an every year thing,” Coombs said. 

If you have never heard of this club on campus, now you know and can stop by and soak in the knowledge of this cultural animation. Anime Society is always welcoming to new members that are either die-hard fans or curious ones. 

“Also, if you like to game, you guys can come by. We have game nights,” Parris said. “We played with the Switch the other day.” 

Anime Society hosts their meeting every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in ASC Room 309 and Thursdays at 2 p.m. in ASC Room 305. 

“If y’all like anime, join the club,” Parris said. 

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