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Public Health Society teaches students about safe sex

Lexi White- General Reporter

For a lot of people, Valentine’s Day is a very romantic and intimate holiday. It is filled with love, candy and sexual activity.  

For college students, it may not be easy to practice safe sex, whether this be because they do not have money to buy contraceptives, do not have access to transportation to purchase contraceptives or are embarrassed to buy them. 

Goodie bags for students to practice safe sex. Photo: Lexi White

That is why the Public Health Society, PHS, set up a table in the Adanti Student Center, on Feb. 14 to distribute free condoms to those who need them.  

Although, there were not just condoms being distributed. PHS put together goodie bags containing contraceptives as well as Hershey Kisses, lollipops and information sheets that dispel common myths about condoms and sex.  

The PHS is a student organization that hosts events and spreads awareness about public health on campus. Their goal is to educate people on the topic of public health and improve the healthcare community.  

President of PHS Angela Corsino, a senior majoring in public health, has a special love for the organization but especially for this event. 

“The message we hope to convey is to practice safe sex and obviously prevent STDs or unplanned pregnancies,” Corsino said. “By making these goodie bags free and accessible to students, we hope that these contraceptives are utilized.”  

Public health major Gabrielle Brown, a sophomore, was the other member of PHS running the event. Even though this is Brown’s first semester with PHS, she has been enjoying every minute of it. 

“It is important to practice safe sex and have the resources needed to practice safe sex,” Brown said. 

The first time PHS hosted an event like this, the Wellbeing Center provided contraceptives. Since then, the Advocates for Youth organization had been providing 500 condoms to the University each semester which PHS distributes in a fun and carefree way.  

During the fall semester, PHS hosts a trick or treating event where students are provided with condoms and candy. During the spring semester, PHS hosts the “Kisses and Condoms” event.  

“I think this booth is great, especially for college students who are sexually active,” psychology major Leticia Asante, a freshman, said. “It’s great to have a booth that gives out free condoms to help protect people from STIs and STDs.” 

PHS has made these events traditions each semester that tons of students are grateful for. 

“Because Valentine’s Day is such a loving holiday, we assume people with be engaging in sexual activities, so we’d like for them to be safe in doing so,” Corsino said. 

Most of the students who walked by the “Kisses and Condoms” booth seemed intrigued. Others were shocked and became uncomfortable. 

“I understand why some people react this way,” Corsino said. “It is a very taboo subject, but other than that, people seem pretty happy to be getting these for free.” 

Another student who supported this event was special education major Quinn Eyrich, a freshman. 

“I think it’s really cool that they’re doing this,” Eyrich said. “I think more people need to come by and check it out.” 

Luckily for those who missed “Kisses and Condoms”, PHS will be hosting another similar event next semester. In addition, Corsino urges students to become a member of the PHS and to attend their weekly meetings. 

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