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ProCon hosts ice cream social to create new friendships

Christian Mansfield- Contributor

ProCon hosted an ice cream social in the Resource Room of the Adanti Student Center. Students were given five choices of ice cream flavors to pick from and a topping-bar with a plethora of treats to add.  

Eric Lacharity, the assistant director of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, deemed the event a great success. 

“The Programs Council has been planning this event since the beginning of the semester, and their efforts have certainly paid off,” Lacharity said. “There was a great turnout of students enjoying some treats.” 

This event, which is held every semester by ProCon, was on Tuesday, Feb. 20. Lacharity believed this event gave students a respite from the stress of the semester. 

“It’s great to see everyone getting together and hopefully meeting some new friends on campus,” Lacharity said. “We really value the importance of community and camaraderie here at SCSU. Events like this have a bigger impact on students than we may think.” 

President of student government Trevor Boczer, a senior, was pleased to see so many students getting involved. 

“It is so important to have a balance between school and social life. College is a great chance to get involved and meet new people,” Bozczer said. “As the president of SGA, I am a big proponent of student engagement. And ice cream sure is a great thing to mingle over, right? I would encourage everybody to check OwlConnect, and stay tuned for future exciting events like this.” 

Ruby Mir attended the social, looking to become more active in campus events. 

“I saw that ProCon was holding an ice cream social, and I instantly wanted to go. My friends and I try to be as involved in campus events as possible, and we were so happy to have such a great turnout,” Mir said. 

Mir thinks it is important for people to stay in the loop about ongoing campus events. 

“I would encourage students to always check OwlConnect since there are always plenty of events scheduled,” Mir said. “I will definitely be coming to this specific event next semester.” 

Sociology major Gianna Rubin, a junior, stumbled across this event unexpectedly but was pleasantly surprised. 

“I was just hanging out in the Resource Room, and I saw a bunch of people gathering where they were serving ice cream,” Rubin said. “So, I figured, why not stay around and have some ice cream?” 

Rubin looks forward to attending more events like this in the future. 

“Events like this just make the school week much easier,” Rubin said. “I think we can all use a little pick-me-upper now and then with the hustle and bustle of classes and everything.” 

ProCon holds various events year-round, such as “PB & J Thursdays” in the Engleman Breezeway, holiday themed-events and will be holding a Pokémon Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

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