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Student crochet roses and hearts

Solé Scott- Features Editor

Ever wanted to learn how to crochet? Well, look no further than attending a session at the Makerspace. 

The Makerspace in the lower level of Hilton C. Buley Library hosted a “Crochet Hearts and Roses!” event on Valentine’s Day. 

Students were greeted by various pamphlets on the table about how to crochet and were able to choose a design to make. 

Supplies and instructions to teach students how to crochet. Photo: Solé Scott

Life and clinical Sciences Libarian and Distance Learning Coordinator Rebecca Hedreen was involved in the event and made crochet design. 

“We just got a donation of a whole bunch of yarn, and we also just bought a new bunch of crochet hooks,” Hedreen said. 

The event started at 1 p.m. and ended at 3 p.m. 

Therapeutic recreation major Rosaliz Carreno, a junior, helped students who needed assistance needling. 

“Helping around, helping people get in the flow of crocheting and the beginning skills of it,” Carreno said. 

Librarian Technician Beth Paris also got involved in the event. 

“The event was how to learn how to do crocheting, so they had basic hearts you could make or roses, which are more complicated,” Paris said. 

The Makerspace is not only for arts and crafts but also offers 3-D printing, coding robots, cameras and a variety of other tools for crafting. 

The space is always open for students to use throughout the week. 

However, if students have questions and need assistance, they should come in when a worker is present. 

“10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday but it flexes different days,” Hedreen said. 

Under the Buley Library section on the campus website, students and faculty can request to check out any Makerspace tool by completing a form. To use the 3-D printer, it is required to complete a separate specialized form. 

“It was fun. It was nice to get out of the office and learn a new skill and be with coworkers and students,” Paris said. 

This was the first crochet event in the Makerspace area. 

Last semester, the Makerspace lost a part-time librarian who found a full-time job. The past librarian used to host weekly events. 

“This semester, we are not able to do weekly events, so we will just have a few scattered across the semester,” Hedreen said. 

The crochet event was not just meant for Valentine’s Day.  

“The materials are just going to be here; there is a little kit with crochet hooks, and that is able to be checked out so you can take it home and try it there,” Hedreen said. 

Be on the lookout for more Makerspace events that will be advertised in Buley Library and on OwlConnect. 

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