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Farnham’s sixth floor shows some love for Valentine’s Day

Lexi White- General Reporter

Have you ever thought about having a Secret Santa event for a different holiday? Well, Farnham Hall’s Resident Advisors, RAs, on the sixth floor decided to switch it up! 

For a Valentine’s Day-inspired event, RA Cheraynne Martin, a senior elementary education major, and RA Trishell Stewart, a sophomore business management major, came together to help show the building some love. 

Residents were able to decorate and put together their own Valentine’s Day goodie bags. Then, they were able to send it to someone they care about who lives in the building.  

Students enjoying arts and goodies in Farnham Hall on Monday, Feb. 5. Photo: Lexi White

“Residents can give these goodie bags to their friend themselves, or if they want it to be anonymous, we can put it in their package log and gift it to them,” Martin said.  

In each goodie bag, there was candy, a miniature teddy bear and a rose. There were also cards that students could write a sweet note with. In addition, there were tote bags that students could decorate with paint or colored markers.  

“We really wanted everyone to come together because Valentine’s Day isn’t that big for college students, so we wanted everyone to be included,” Stewart said.  

Students swarmed the Farnham lobby on Monday, Feb. 5. Every section was being utilized, and RAs Martin and Stewart were very pleased.  

“We basically came up with this idea through Pinterest,” Martin said. “We were both just scrolling through pictures, and we wanted this event to be Valentine’s Day themed because we don’t really have Valentine’s Day socials.” 

Crafts for students to make in Farnham Hall on Monday, Feb. 5. Photo: Lexi White

Many of the students who attended the event heard about it through their RAs, and they wanted to come and check out the scene.  

“I think this kind of event benefits students because it will make them feel loved and know that there are people in their building that care about them,” Stewart said. 

Business management Taylor Hammond, a freshman, said, “I think students would like this event because it gives them an opportunity to interact with other people, and that’s really why I came.” 

Another Farnham resident, Ella Couchon, a freshman health science major, was excited to see what this event had to offer. 

Art supplies for students in Farnham Hall on Monday Feb. 5. Photo: Lexi White

“I think this event benefits students because it brings the people from our dorm together to make things for each other,” Couchon said. “I think it’s nice to be able to send one of these goodie bags to a friend.” 

Sports management major Nick Demetrion, a freshman, was also intrigued by this Valentine’s Day event and came to see what it was all about. 

“I think anyone who got one of these bags would feel very loved. I know I would,” Demetrion said.  

RAs Martin and Stewart were eager to pull off this lovey dovey event, and it paid off. So many students filled the lobby in Farnham. While this was their first time hosting an event like this, it will not be their last.  

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