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Mathematics Club hosts bake sale to raise funds

Jack Abbot- General Reporter

The Mathematics Club hosted a bake sale on Tuesday to raise funds for their club activities. 

The Mathematics Club hosts regular meetings for math majors or anyone who is interested in the subject. It is a social club that provides space for anyone interested in the subject. They have also had club trips in the past, the most recent being their visit to the Museum of Mathematics in New York. 

“People should join math club if they’re looking for a community with like-minded people where they get a chance to eat pizza and participate in a variety of activities,” public relations manager of the club and math major Sierra Gray, a senior, said.  

Mathematics Club E-board members Jack Kuhnly, Astra Riznyk, Sierra Gray, Gabby Butler and Carsyn Gilloren at the Involvement Fair. Photo: Sierra Gray

The event was held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Engelman Hall Rotunda. 

The funds from this bake sale are going to be used to help support the Mathematics Club to make merchandise, purchase food and fund their club trips. It will also be used to cover general expenses. 

Professors within the Mathematics Department have been helping to support the club. If a student is struggling in their math classes, this club could be a good opportunity for them. Many professors will offer extra credit opportunities for students who choose to attend their meetings. 

“Personally, I think Southern has a great mathematics program,” Gray said. 

The club currently has 97 registered members on OwlConnect. 

“It’s a way of introducing people to math because you’ll never know if you’ll like it or not.” club member and applied math major Metin Uzun, a senior, said. 

At their meetings, they hold events that can introduce students to more applied forms of mathematics. According to Gray, some of their events include using math to solve Rubik’s cubes, creating dodecahedron Calanders and working with aperiodic tiling. Uzun described the Calander making as his favorite event. 

“It’s not necessarily all about the math that we do,” Uzun said. “It’s good to make connections.” 

Uzun spoke about the connections he has been able to make through this club. As a senior, he has been able to make connections with his professors who help him with his work. 

“If you don’t understand something, someone else is going to understand something,” Uzun said. 

One of the most common math courses for students to take is Math 100P. This class has been taught in a nontraditional way using the ALEKS program.  

This is a class that people commonly fail and thus has an entire tutoring program dedicated to it. Some within the Mathematics Club have expressed negative feelings towards this class. 

“It’s for sure an experience. A Good one? I don’t think so,” Uzun said. 

Despite this, the club is very satisfied by the work being done by the Mathematics Department. Gray described the help that she and many other students have received from their professors. 

“Most math majors develop strong relationships with the professors here due to the small class sizes and the professor’s willingness to help and connect,” Gray said. 

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