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Multicultural Center provides lunch for students

Lexi White- General Reporter

Have you ever wanted a tasty lunch on campus but did not want to use a meal swipe? Well, on Tuesday, Jan. 23, the Multicultural Center, MCC, provided a delicious home-cooked meal that every student could enjoy! 

Hosted in the Adanti Student Center on the second floor, the leaders set up tables worth of food. There was something for everyone, anywhere from the sweet cornbread to the zesty chicken and spicy beef. 

MCC members had music playing and a Kahoot game for guests to participate in. They also had many couches and chairs for students to sit on as they indulged in their delectable lunch. 

Exercise science major Dawin Magloire, a junior, is a student ambassador for the MCC. 

Students treating themselves to food provided by the Multicultural Center in the Adanti Student Center on Tuesday, Jan. 23. Photo: Lexi White

“The Multicultural Center is a place where intercultural students could have their home away from home,” Magloire said. 

The MCC had been planning this welcome day since the end of the fall semester. They host many events throughout each semester, but this one was particularly special. 

“The reason for hosting this event was to have an intercultural welcome bash,” said Magloire. “We wanted to welcome students into the new semester with great food.” 

Plenty of students showed up to try nutritious food, engage in conversation and play a fun game of Kahoot. 

Political science major Ryan Williams, a sophomore, said that he came to this event because it really caught his eye. 

“I was just walking through the Student Center, and I saw everyone in this room,” Williams said. “I was like wow– I need to go socialize.” 

Williams also said there were more benefits from this event than just the food served by the MCC. 

“I think it brings everyone together. When you’re eating the food here, you have no choice but to sit down and engage in conversation too,” Williams said. 

Healthcare studies major Chekeenah Jeudi, a sophomore, said she heard about this event through her friend who is a member of the MCC and wanted to check it out. 

“I’m in this room almost every day, but right now I’m seeing so many new faces,” Jeudi said. “I really like that people are actually sitting, eating and having conversations.” 

Another student who really enjoyed the Multicultural Center’s event is exercise science major Laila Mohammad, a freshman. 

“I came here today with my friends because we wanted to try the food,” Mohammad said. “Some people don’t like to spend money on a day-to-day basis, so it is really good that the MCC did this.” 

The Multicultural Center provides a safe space for those of various ethnic backgrounds and encourages students to become involved! 

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