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Wellness Center opens for student athletes

Matt Cain- Contributor

University athletics recently opened more opportunities for their student athletes. This past week, Director of Athletics and Recreation Terrence Jones cut the ribbon to the new student athlete Wellness Center in James Moore Fieldhouse. 

The Wellness Center will be where athletes can study, relax and recover. It is also placed inside the fieldhouse so athletes can access athletic trainers and tutors more frequently.  

The university also partnered with Connecticut Orthopedic for the Wellness Center. CEO of Connecticut Orthopedics Susan Bader, Vice President of Student Affairs Tracy Tyree and Jones have been working hard behind the scenes to make this new renovation come to life. 

“This new renovation brings new opportunities not just for SCSU athletics but also for the athletes,” Jones said. 

Earlier this month, Jones was named the new athletic director who wasted no time getting involved. From the moment he was hired, Jones has been working nonstop to build and grow the university’s partnerships and work on new ones as well. 

“We will continue to partner with the individuals that want be a partner with a strong growing brand,” Jones said. 

Connecticut Orthopedics is now a partner and will be actively working towards making university athletics better for the athletes and the brand itself. 

Student athletes are crushing it in their respective sport and in the classroom. This past fall, there were over 300 athletes that made the honor roll and became top scholars. This room will be a place where they can continue their studies and make it on time to practice. 

“This is going to impact in a great way. This is a place where the athletes can study, study and study some more,” Interim President Dwayne Smith said. 

Most colleges and universities struggle with getting their athletes to maintain academic health. Since the Owls have no problem becoming an academic weapon, the future plan is to keep surging in the right direction in the classroom for the student athletes. 

This new center has not just impacted the athletes. The coaches love the Wellness Center as well. Coaches have been promoting the Wellness Center to their players, as they want them to get the best out of the opportunities at hand. 

“It’s going to be a great place; players of different sports can go there and be Southern Owls,” Head women’s soccer Coach Adam Cohen said. 

Cohen was also an advocate for the Wellness Center, as he was one of the individuals behind the scenes who pitched the idea. 

This is the start of a new beginning for university athletics. They are building at a rapid pace and do not show signs of slowing down.  

The future for the department is bright, with more renovations, new buildings and overall, a better atmosphere. Last year there was an update of the Jess Dow field, and now there is a Wellness Center in the fieldhouse.  

These updates have student athletes feeling good and bringing a better attitude towards their fieldhouse. 

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