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Future teachers prepare together on campus

Jack Abbot- General Reporter

The university’s Future Teachers Organization helps to prepare education students for their future careers.  

“We are for education majors and those alike,” collaborative education major and club president, Jayde Eggert, a senior, said. “We have social work majors. We have communication disorder majors. Everything under the umbrella of anyone who wants to work in a school system.” 

Future Teachers Organization Vice President Makenna Rancourt, Secretary Daniel Brown-Patriceli, President Jaybe Eggert and Treasurer Keitie Schulte at their Halloween Trunk or Treat event.

The purpose of this organization is to prepare students for careers in education. During weekly meetings, they provide information and workshops about how to get into the industry and practical skills necessary to become educators. These meetings are held from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Adanti Student Center. 

“We’ve actually had a meeting before where we talked about ‘How do you get into the college of education?’ or ‘How do you get into the social work program?’” Eggert said. 

They have started to become more active this year and are looking for new members who are interested in education. Like many other clubs, COVID-19 brought a halt to their activities. They have already begun to plan to host more events, including a belated Valentine’s Day event to help advertise the club. In a future meeting, they are also planning to discuss how teachers should set up their offices to create a comfortable environment. 

The organization is sponsored by “Aspiring Educators,” a state program that helps students enter the educational industry, helping with the application process and even acting as a union. They also sponsor other education clubs in different state schools across Connecticut, all meeting monthly.   

“The ‘Aspiring Educators’ program is led by CEA, which is Connecticut Education Association,” Eggert said. “We are a part of them now because we are an educator’s club.” 

They have also been working very hard with their advisor, Marisa Ferraro, who has been helping them to get their name out there. The club’s Executive Board is happy that the university has been helping them more as they have become active again.  

“In the past, we’ve kind of been on our own, but now we’re definitely working with our advisor,” elementary education major and club treasurer, Kaitie Schulte, a junior, said. “It’s been wonderful.” 

Eggert and many other members have been able to find connections though this club. Schulte was an online student who found community through this club. 

“For me, this club was kind of a safe place,” Schulte said. “I was going to college even though I wasn’t meeting my classmates in person yet.” 

Schulte is hoping to teach classes at a kindergarten or preschool level. 

“I personally just love the tiny ones. They make my heart just full of joy,” Schulte said.  

Eggert is also interested in teaching younger grades. Her goal is to teach first to third graders. 

“Being in a classroom setting, I love it. I love working with the kids. I love watching the kids have what I call a ‘lightbulb moment.’ Where you’re teaching them, and then the little light bulb in their head goes off, and they understand what you’re teaching them,” Eggert said. 

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