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Zeta Phi Beta hosts Zumba night

Jack Abbot- General Reporter

The Psi Omicron Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta hosted a Zumba event on Wednesday, March 20 to help encourage social justice and health in mind, body and spirit. 

The event was held on Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. It was hosted by members of the university chapter but had others from Quinnipiac university attend. This event was a part of Zeta Phi Beta’s national “Zetas Helping Other People Excel” program, also known as “Z-HOPE.” 

‘Z-HOPE’ is one of our national programs; of Zeta Phi Beta inc.,” social work major Angelina Ovalles, a senior, said. “This is really just targeting anything about mental health, physical health, wellbeing, your nutrition and things as such.” 

Ovalles is the vice president of the Psi Omicron Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta. She participated in this event because she believes in the importance of physical and mental health, and that many people, college students especially, can neglect these things. 

Zeta Phi Beta sisters at their Zumba event. Photo: Jack Abbot

“I think it was really important to interpret that and do intentional programming around recognizing wellness and physical activity and how that can contribute to your mental health,” Ovalles said. “Adding in that social part can also contribute to your mental health.” 

Aside from health, this event; and many others hosted by Zeta Phi Beta are focused on social justice for minorities. 

“We are a historically black organization, so a lot of our programming and service aspects are coming from a stance of understanding our Black and brown community and people of color,” Ovalles said.  

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority inc. is a national organization for Black women that operates under the principles of scholarship, service, sisterly love and finer womanhood. Psi Omicron is the chapter that operates on campus.  

“We truly do carry these principles in everything that we do,” Ovalles said. 

They host a number of events involving health and social justice, including a program during Black History Month that focused on heart disease within the Black community. 

“Those health disparities are something that we do need to educate on,” Ovalles said. 

Zumba is a form of exercise that helps to promote cardiovascular health through Latin Inspired Dance. It was created in 2001 by Colombian Dance Instructor Beto Pérez. 

“Every February going through March, we celebrate Finer Womanhood Month. It’s very significant for our sorority and is also women’s history month,” university alumnus Eva Joyce Spivey said. “We want to make sure we’re targeting women, getting them active, so the Zumba is great for their heart health.” 

Spivey wanted to attend to become more physically active as well as to support the community of her alma mater and sorority. 

At the event, information from United Medical was also provided about exercise and its physical and mental benefits.  

“Sisterhood is something that we embody in all parts,” Spivey said. “Finer womanhood is just exemplifying ourselves.” 

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