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Students have fun in a TikTok challenge

Lexi White- General Reporter

Students were TikToking their way out of boredom thanks to the Commuter Services’ TikTok Challenge Event!  

On Monday, Feb. 26, the Commuter Services Department began their new weekly event of TikTok Challenges. Every week, a new TikTok challenge will be introduced for students to participate in.  

The challenge of the day was “guess the drawing.”  Students were to draw on a partner’s back, and the partner would mimic what was being drawn. The person who drew their partner’s drawing the closest won a commuter t-shirt. 

In the future, Commuter Services hopes to give out even better prizes to those who participate or win the challenge of the day! 

Commuter Services is a place for commuters to get information on parking or any other commuter related issue.  

Nursing major Maryanna De Almeida, a freshman, is a member of Commuter Services.  

 “We know that sometimes it is hard to be a commuter on campus and not feel like you are a part of the community,” De Almeida said. “So, we try to provide that community for people as much as we can with events.” 

Commuter Services provides commuter breakfasts and lunches and even commuter auctions using the students’ commuter cash, which can be gained every time a commuter signs in at a commuter event. 

“We also provide rental umbrellas, jumper cables and hygiene products in case people forget them or need them,” De Almeida said. 

This activity was De Almeida’s first event as a commuter assistant and came up with the TikTok challenge idea with sociology major Nadia Morales, a junior. 

“I had the idea for a while, and I wanted to do something fun that would get us active and doing something that is interactive,” De Almeida said.  

Morales said, “Students sometimes just need a little break in between classes, and I think a fun activity like this will relax them a bit.” 

 The “guess the drawing” challenge had students questioning everything, but laughter filled the room regardless.  

For biology major Madison Acampora, a freshman, this event helped her to spend time doing something productive rather than just sitting around.  

“I think this event is great so students are not lounging or constantly studying, and they can take a little break and do something enjoyable,” Acampora said.  

Acampora’s partner for the TikTok challenge was psychology major Luis Flores, a freshman.  

“I really enjoyed the drawing aspect of the activity,” Flores said. “The reason why is because I have never done it before.” 

Flores also said the creativity of the Commuter Services event was beneficial, and that it can help students make more connections with other students on campus. 

“We always say that getting involved on campus is great because we do not want commuter students to feel isolated and like they do not have a place,” De Almeida said. “So, we try to do as many events as we can, so students do not have to feel that way.” 

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