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Students react to the earthquake in the northeast

Brianna Wallen- News Editor

On April 5 around 10:30 a.m., Connecticut was struck by an earthquake. What was supposed to be a normal Friday morning on campus was interrupted by an aftershock.  

According to NBC Connecticut, the 4.8 magnitude earthquake’s epicenter was in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, and the aftermath was felt across Connecticut. Those in the tri-state area also felt the impact. This included more than 42 million people.  

Although the United States Geological Survey classifies an earthquake of magnitude 5.3 as moderate and a magnitude 6.3 as strong, the quake left many students on campus rattled.  

Healthcare studies major Chrystophe Obiang-Ze, a freshman, was confused by the sudden shakes.  

“I was walking out of the gym, and I saw all of the weights shaking,” Obiang-Ze said. “I thought I was about to pass out because I overworked myself.” 

Even though the rumbling lasted less than two minutes, many students did not know what to make out of the sudden movements.  

“I didn’t know what was happening. I just thought it was my mind playing tricks on me,” Obiang-Ze said. 

Other students were still in bed during the aftershock.  

Sports management major Tyvonn Thompson, a sophomore, said that he was in his bed sleeping when he felt his room shaking,  

“My bed was shaking out of nowhere,” Thompson said. “It felt like someone was rocking my bed back and forth.”  

Similar to Obiang-Ze, Thompson thought he was just hallucinating from being suddenly awoken. While the quake hit many residents on campus by surprise, some students were unphased.  

Early childhood education major Priscila Adebambo a sophomore, was sound asleep in her bed when the quake struck. Adebambo said that she was unaware that an earthquake occurred until she woke up.  

“I woke up to my desk lamp on the floor, but I didn’t think anything of it,” Adebambo said. 

Adebambo said that it was not until she opened her phone that she realized the news that she had missed.  

“I saw a message from hours prior from my mom asking if I was okay and making sure the earthquake didn’t affect anything,” Adebambo said. 

Many have a similar tale to tell. Nursing major Favour Amayo, a freshman, said she was getting ready for class during the aftershock.  

“I was putting on my clothes to get ready for my bio lab, and I didn’t feel any shakes or nothing,” Amayo said. 

Despite being on campus, many students have different stories on what they experienced due to the quake. Fortunately, there have been no reports of any injuries in the area. 

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