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ProCon gets student cozy during cold weather

Lexi White- General Reporter

With all this cold weather on campus, it is easy to say that students are craving some warmth.  

On Monday, Feb. 5, ProCon hosted a Warm and Cozy event in the Adanti Student Center.  

The members of ProCon started planning this event during winter break, but it only took about 30 minutes to set up. They also provided warm drinks, pastry, cookies and crochet lessons for all who attended.  

In addition to learning a new skill and getting tasty treats, ProCon also had a raffle to win a cozy basket, including all the things one might need if they wanted to get comfy and warm. 

Students grab snacks before participating in activities in the Adanti Student Center on Monday, Feb. 5. Photo: Lexi White

Healthcare studies major Melanie Gloster, a sophomore, is a member of the ProCon Commuter Committee and has made many pieces of clothing and accessories with her crocheting skills. 

Gloster said that crocheting has been a great coping skill when dealing with stressful times. 

“I’ve been crocheting since I was little, and I find that I do it most when I’m feeling overwhelmed. And when I make something that I like, it makes me feel better.” Gloster said. “I feel like when the people at our event learn how to crochet, they’ll feel more confident because they’ll know that they made their own stuff.” 

Because of Gloster’s love for crocheting, the rest of the committee was inspired to host an event including the artistry. 

“During our training, everyone saw that I crocheted my own stuff,” Gloster said. “They got so excited, and they wanted to do an event based on it.” 

It was not just the hosts who were excited to learn more about crocheting from Gloster. Many of the attendees came to the event to up their own skills. 

“I am so excited to crochet. It is a very fun thing to do, and it is so relaxing,” music therapy major Kassie Martel, a sophomore said. “When you are crocheting, you are not thinking about anything else, which makes it a great distraction.” 

Like Martel, Spanish major Madison Acampora, a freshman, also views crocheting as a great pastime.  

“Crocheting gives students something else to do instead of being overwhelmed with their classes and being worried about exams,” Acampora said. 

Both Acampora and Martel heard about the event through ProCon’s Instagram page. They were so excited to see what new skills they could obtain by attending. 

“I’m really excited to crochet because I really enjoy it,” Acampora said. “It’s so much fun to do, and I cannot wait to learn how to make more because I only make blankets right now, and I really want to learn how to make other things too.” 

Another member of the ProCon Commuter Committee is sports management major Luis Reyes, a sophomore.  

“If your day is kind of hectic, an event like this will definitely help you calm down because you will be so focused on learning how to crochet and meeting new people,” Reyes said. 

From the yummy treats to the socialization and the smash hit of crocheting, ProCon’s Warm and Cozy event was a success. 

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