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School of Business host roundtable featuring accounting experts

Brandon Cortes- News Writer

In an effort to provide valuable insights and guidance to aspiring accountants, the School of Business recently organized a roundtable event, inviting seasoned professionals from various firms to share their expertise. The event, held at the university campus, aimed to assist students in pursuing an accounting degree, navigating the requirements for 150 credit hours, and successfully tackling the CPA exam. 

The event commenced with an introductory address by the Dean of the School of Business, Jess Boronico, highlighting the significance of such initiatives in nurturing the future generation of accountants. 

“It is always a pleasure to give students the opportunity to participate in these events so that they can maximize their potential,” Boronico said. 

Accounting roundtable at the School of Business Room 122. Photo: Brandon Cortes

During the event, panelists shared tips and strategies for completing the requisite 150 credit hours for an accounting degree, a crucial milestone for aspiring CPAs. They also offered guidance on preparing for the CPA exam, a rigorous assessment that is essential for obtaining licensure in the accounting profession. 

One of the discussion’s highlights was the support provided by accounting firms to their employees pursuing CPA licensure. Several panelists emphasized their firms’ commitment to assisting employees with exam preparation costs and offering internship opportunities to gain practical experience. 

Julie Consorti, a senior accountant, emphasized the importance of mentorship and hands-on experience in preparing for the CPA exam.  

“At our firm, we recognize the significance of investing in our employees’ professional development,” Consorti said. “We provide comprehensive support, including financial assistance for exam fees and mentorship programs to help our employees succeed.” 

Echoing similar sentiments, Mike Tarrago from Clifton Larson Allen Ernst highlighted the firm’s internship programs designed to provide students with practical exposure to the accounting profession.  

“Our internships offer students the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings, preparing them for successful careers in accounting,” Tarrago said. 

Moreover, the panelists delved into the nuances of fulfilling the 150 credit hours requirement, a prerequisite for CPA licensure in many jurisdictions. Drawing from their own experiences, they elaborated on diverse pathways available for students to attain the requisite credits such as pursuing advanced degrees, participating in specialized programs, or engaging in relevant coursework. 

Nick Solec mentioned that numerous firms consider it a crucial requirement for students to have fulfilled their 150 credits, emphasizing its immediate significance. 

“Although I switched to accounting much later, I had the opportunity to finish my 150 credits once I completed my master’s degree in accounting. However, not everyone has that opportunity, so I recommend that you complete those 150 credits as soon as possible,” Solec said. 

The School of Business plans to continue hosting such events to facilitate meaningful interactions between students and industry experts with the use of “PEP Talks” to further enrich the educational experience and prepare students for successful careers in accounting and finance. 

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