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Farnham Hall hosts BINGO night

Lexi White- General Reporter

Farnham Hall residents were so excited to get the chance to win gift cards on Wednesday, April 10. Two of Farnham’s Resident Attendants, RAs, put together a bingo night for students to relax and mingle.  

One of the RAs hosting the event was business information systems major Charles Amankwa-Sarpong, a junior. He thought having a bingo event would be a good way for students to easily win prizes like $15 Dunkin’ Donuts and Target gift cards.  

“Our goal is for residents to come out of their rooms and to have a fun time,” Amankwa-Sarpong said.  

The other RA hosting the bingo night event was earth science major Nick Bulat, a junior. Bulat said that the Residence Hall Association, RHA, gave him and Amankwa-Sarpong the money for three $15 gift cards.  

Every RA is supposed to host three events every semester, so Amankwa-Sarpong and Bulat thought putting together a bingo event would be very beneficial for students. 

“Students can use this as an opportunity to make friends, have fun and relax,” Bulat said. 

Because there were only three gift cards, there could only be three rounds of bingo. The winner of the first round was marketing major Anthony Chieffalo, a freshman. Chieffalo won the Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. 

“My RA told me about the event today and told me I should come,” Chieffalo said. “I thought about how there would be free gift cards and decided to come because it would be fun.”  

Chieffalo said that he thought Amankwa-Sarpong and Bulat’s bingo night event was a great way for students to get involved and to interact with other residents living in the building. Another winner of bingo was computer science major Isaiah Tilthmin, a freshman. He won a Target gift card in the third round. Tilthmin’s favorite part of the event was winning a gift card.  

“I was excited and happy when I won,” Tilthmin said.  

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