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Music Review- Faye Webster releases sultry new album

Ali Fernand- Editor-in-Chief

Singer-songwriter Faye Webster released her album “Underdressed at the Symphony” on Friday, March 1. This sultry romance artist has gained popularity recently for her dreamy love songs.  

With songs like “Right Sight of my Neck” and “Kingston,” Webster has caught the ears of those who love soft love songs. This most recent release is no different from the past songs and albums her fans fell in love with.  

The first singles released from this album were “But Not Kiss” and “Lifetime.”  

“But Not Kiss” sounds like a modern version of an Alanis Morrisette song, showing the turmoil of love. It is one of Webster’s most dynamic songs, with a contrast between quiet and loud moments. The piano riff is a standout feature of the song along with Webster’s lovely vocals.  

“Lifetime” was accompanied by a music video, where fans see Webster in makeup that ages her, showing how long she sees herself with her lover. This song is her typical mellow love song with a beautiful sliding guitar that is featured in most of her songs.  

“Lego Ring” was another song released prior to the full album. This song features rapper and musician Lil Yachty, who fans have learned is a childhood friend of Webster’s. Though the two could not seem more different, this collaboration is a great way of blending the two.  

Webster’s singer-songwriter style works well with Lil Yachty’s psychedelic vibrato. “Lego Ring” is a more experimental song, but it is fun to see these artists work together to make something cool.  

The rest of the album is everything a Faye Webster fan could want. The sliding guitars make for a spacey yearning feel. Webster’s vocals are extremely soft to the ears, and they almost blend in perfectly with the instrumentals. It is as if her vocals are just a part of the instrumentation.  

The opener “Thinking About You” is the longest of all the songs on the album, running over six minutes. However, it is a great way to be introduced to a Webster album. The standout features of her as an artist are immediately heard by the listener. Every part of this song is cool and collected.  

“Feeling Good Today” is the shortest song on the album, running not even a minute and a half. This song acts as an interlude between the song with Lil Yachty and the second half of the album.  

The interlude is perfectly able to blend the contrast between the sound of “Lego Ring” and the rest of the album. Webster’s vocals are stylized with autotune and harmonies over a simple guitar riff. It is the middle ground of the experimental Yachty feature, and the singer-songwriter fans know. 

Overall, Webster will continue to be an artist to look out for. Her artistry is something to admire and it is easy to see why music fans have gravitated to her so much.  

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