Today: Jul 14, 2024

Owls Decide- favorite class they’ve taken

Lexi White- General Reporter

“Probably INQ because my teacher would always hold us accountable, and we needed to do the work in the class.” -Economics major Tarik Behremovic, a sophomore 

“Business law because I got to learn about ethics and got to see the business side of things.” -Accounting major Kristofer Dushi, a senior 

“Oceanography because I like the ocean and Professor Cooper is an angel.” -Art education major Kendra Doyon, a freshman 

“Personality because my professor was such a good teacher and made the class really interesting.” -Psychology major Emma Renker, a sophomore 

“My narrative filmmaking class because I was able to work with all my friends, and we produced something that I’m proud of.” -Communication major Ricardo Pena, a senior

“Narrative filmmaking class because it teaches me the ins and outs of the process of making a film.” -Film and T.V. major Deuce Mangum, a senior 

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