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Folio hosts open mic night

Solé Scott- Features Editor

Feb. 2 was a dreary and cold Friday, yet that did not stop students from gathering to share their love of art. 

Folio hosted an open mic night in the Adanti Student Center Fireside Lounge located on the third floor. 

Spanish and French major Ethan Sabetta, a junior, is the current editor of Folio, which is an undergraduate literary magazine that has been published every fall semester since 1948. 

“Every year, we collect art, poetry and fiction submissions, then compile them into a book,” Sabetta said. “We print the book at the end of the year.” 

Editor of Folio Magazine Ethan Sabetta, a junior, at the Adanti Student Center Fireside Lounge on Friday, Feb. 2. Photo: Solé Scott

The event started at 4 p.m. and ended around 5 p.m.. About 15 students showed up to not only share their submissions but listen to others’. 

As students entered the Fireside Lounge, they were met with two tables filled with water, juice, cookies and more. The 2020 and 2023 copies of Folio magazines were also available for attendees to take. 

Special education major Taylor Wasilewski, a junior, attended the event in support of Sabetta. 

“A lot of people seemed really interested in reading,” Wasilewski said. 

English major Chris Durand, a senior, is the fiction editor and shared some pieces of his original work. 

“We host them every first Friday of every month, and we just figured after coming from break, we give those students some time to reacclimate, then host it on the first Friday of February,” Durand said. 

The 2020 and 2023 editions of Folio Magazine for students to take in the Adanti Student Center Fireside Lounge on Friday, Feb. 2. Photo: Solé Scott

Psychology major Rowan Ellis, a freshman, was one of a few students who went up to the podium and read aloud. 

“I have been to every single Folio event since last semester and this semester, and I even assisted edited the Folio magazine over winter break,” Ellis said. 

On the university website page, you can look up Folio and access submissions dating back to the 1940s. 

“This has been an event for as long as I have been at Southern,” Sabetta said. “As far as I am aware, they have been doing these for forever.” 

Folio group members encouraged audience members to share whatever they are comfortable with, whether it was original artwork, poetry or singing, echoing the words that this is a safe space. 

“We are not currently collecting submissions, but typically our fall semester is when we are collecting submissions,” Sabetta said.  

Special education major Taylor Wasilewski, a junior, attending the Folio open mic at the Adanti Student Center Fireside Lounge on Friday, Feb. 2. Photo: Solé Scott

The 2023 Folio edition is 125 pages long, which is an increase from the 2020 edition that was 91 pages long. 

“So, if you are an undergraduate student next semester that writes or does artwork, then keep an eye out, and you can join us on OwlConnect, and you can follow us on Instagram @FolioSCSU,” Sabetta said. 

The next open mic event will be held on Friday, March 1 in the Fireside Lounge located in the Adanti Student Center on the third floor. 

“Folio is a great place to dip your foot in like publishing, so if you want to become part of the team, you can do either side of the publishing,” Durand said. 

All undergraduates are welcome to share work or listen to others. 

“More people should definitely come to this,” Wasilewski said. 

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