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Folio’s Haunted Halloween

Joe BulwidasContributor

With the sound of “Love Potion No. 9” by The Clovers playing in the background, students gathered in the English department’s common room for Folio’s Halloween Reading on Thursday, Oct. 24.

“I did a similar literary magazine in high school and I always read at the open mics, so I’m just continuing the tradition,” said biology major Becky Sabetta, a sophomore.

Sabetta was the first featured reader of the night and read her short
story entitled, “The Boy Who Talked to No One.” The story was about a boy who was an outcast and could communicate with ghosts. Sabetta said she has read at Folio’s previous events as an open mic reader; however, this is her first time as a featured reader.

Following Sabetta’s short story reading, music and English major Angel Rodriguez, a sophomore, read several of his short stories and as well as some poetry. Included in his readings were the following titles: “Dead to Me,” “Crime scene,” “Crunch,” and “Blood Right.”

“The spooky genre of writing has been one of my main genres of writing for a while,” said Rodriguez.

Following Rodriguez’s reading, the Folio editors organized a scavenger hunt around the hallways of the second floor of Engelman Hall. While the scavenger hunt was occurring, various food items were brought in from Garden Catering for all who attended.

Food items included: chicken nuggets, gluten free chicken nuggets and cauliflower nuggets.

Following the chicken nuggets was a quick balloon popping game. Then the open mic portion of the event began. Many who were in attendance dressed up in costume and were excited to hear who would be crowned “best costume,” in the costume contest.

In the end, the winner was journalism major Austin Elliott, a sophomore, with his Link costume from Nintendo’s “Legend of Zelda” game.

“It was definitely unexpected, to be honest,” said Elliot. “I’ve had that costume for a few years now and my family was suggesting that I should retire it. Joke’s on them!”

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