Today: Apr 21, 2024



Have the paparazzi gone too far?

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter People nowadays are anything but camera shy. You can literally walk anywhere and see someone either snapping a “selfie” or getting a picture with a group of

Lavender Graduation celebrates seniors

Jessica Guerrucci—Reporter As graduation approaches, a ceremony was held to celebrate the achievements of six students in the LGBTQ+ community and their contributions to the university. The third annual Lavender Graduation was

School of Business opens new building

Jaylen Carr – Editor-in-Chief From two-time Grammy winner Jeff Baxter to Gov. Ned Lamont and Interim President Dwyane Smith giving their opening remarks during the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new School of

Column: On the NFL

Luke Gadson – Sports Editor One common theme of this offseason was teams not wanting to sign their premier running backs. In my opinion, running backs are the backbone of the offense

Taco Tuesday and Día De Los Muertos

Sarah Shelton – Features Editor  Día De Los Muertos, known as the day of the dead, was celebrated by Programs Council, ProCon, by coloring sugar skulls and eating tacos.  On Tuesday, Nov.

Folio Social Justice Night

Ellie Sherry — Reporter  As November continues, so does social justice month at Southern. In following with the month’s theme, Folio hosted a Social Justice reading night. The first person to speak
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