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‘Letters from the Affair’ and anti-semitism

Jackson Volenec — Reporter The Afro-Semitic Experience presented “Letters from the Affair,” a play that tells the tale of a Jewish man and how he lost his friendship with a fellow artist and friend because of anti-Semitism on Wednesday Nov. 13 in Engleman Hall. “It’s a telling of an old Jewish tale, and it is all done through this play.

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Social Justice Retreat starts a conversation

Jackson Volenec — Reporter The Multicultural Center hosted a Social Justice Retreat from Nov. 8 to 10, an overnight event that allowed for students to engage in detailed conversations about social justice issues with their peers at Camp Woodstock. “I take students away for the weekend in the woods and we talk about hot topics, such as race, class, oppression,

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Fitness Center offers students racial healing through yoga

Ellie Sherry — Reporter This month there have been many events centered around social justice, but, this past Thursday, one event focused on healing from surrounding injustices through yoga. Yoga is thought to be as old as civilization itself according to mea.gov.in, the Indian government Ministry of External Affairs. The name itself is derived from the word ‘yuj,’ which means to

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Student creates club for Democratic Socialism to raise awareness about current political climate

Jesse Mullen — Contributor Most people do not start college at 24-years-old and co-form a political organization immediately, but that is exactly what history and education major Jacob Pouliot, a freshman, did with the Southern chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America. Pouliot said he was inspired by other notable Connecticut socialist groups off campus. “We’re definitely a minority, but the

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‘Rick and Morty’ season four premiere brings more adventures

Jessica Guerrucci — Managing Editor Death crystals, fascist shrimp, and a holographic Rick — there is nowhere else you can find all these things together except for this show. We have all waited two years, and Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith did not disappoint. If you are like me, you sat in front of your television, computer, or whatever device you

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