F.A.C.E showcase hosts fashion and music creativity

Ellie SherryReporter

The models of F.A.C.E., Fashion Artistic Creative Elegance, put on their fall semester fashion show, with the theme of fashion week.

The club gets in touch with different designers from the area and collaborates to find a way for the models to get to wear the designs, and for the designers to get publicity. At the event there were six main different companies, at least one of which was a line where two designers worked together.

“This is F.A.C.E.’s fashion show and the theme is fashion week. So, we are showcasing a bunch of designers from the local area.” said journalism major Emily Pall, a junior. “We are also going to be doing some dance performances as well as a music performance and a poetry performance.”

Pall said she was most excited about getting to finally perform the dance that the women worked on. According to Pall, they had been working really hard on the dance and had perfected it. The men also had their own dance performance. Vice president of F.A.C.E., Viana Lazaro, a junior is one of the two main people who think of the show and get it up and running.

“It started in the Summer; Bri [F.A.C.E.’s president] and I, we decided the songs that we wanted to be in the show and then came up with choreography and the vision of how we wanted everything to look,” said Lazaro. “Then the semester started — we had tryouts and casted everyone. Then after that we went straight to work with the models.”

After all of the practice and hard work, the models of FACE finally got their opportunity to shine on Saturday, Nov. 16. The event was set to start at 7 p.m., but the models didn’t did not begin walking until 7:30 p.m.

Throughout the event, the models would walk out in twos from opposite sides of the stage, and then at the end of each round they would all walk out together clapping. In between outfit changes, the DJ of the night
would interact with the crowd, playing music that the majority of the crowd sang along to.

Eunice Yeboah, who goes to the University of Bridgeport, said she appreciated the fashion and the organization of the event.

“I came with my friends who know people in the show. While this isn’t my scene, the fashion is nice, and it’s very nicely coordinated,” said Yeboah. “Their entrance and their exit is planned out really well. I liked some of the outfits, some of them I would wear and some I wouldn’t.”

While the designs that were being showcased may not have been Yeboah’s favorite, some students did like the majority of what the models were wearing. Juwon Grant, who goes to school in Texas was one of these students.

“I like the designs, and the models are walking really well, so it’s a good show so far,” Grant said. “I think that the designs are very creative.”

Photo credit: Ellie Sherry

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